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About Us -in house weekly bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown.


  • 1. Issue: 3Volume: 34 Date: 23.07.2014 Pages: 4 At the outset, thanks to all my friends in Midtown and R o t a r y f o r y o u r overwhelming appreciation for our installation program on 9th July. I am still dreaming that wonderful evening. I got hold of the CD of the program, and I am sure nobody enjoyed as much as I did. The plot for this year's event was to have a story as the background theme and hold audience glued to their chairs till the end. I succeeded in that aspect as the story invoked lot of interest and interaction at the end. The gift for giving the suitable answer was won by veteran Rtn. Raghu. The story was apt for the Rotarians and their Rotary culture. Over this background story, the events were interspersed suitably. The welcome by the outgoing President Rtn. Bhanuchandran was the repeat show of our old hit His speech and my actions and content of the speech was different. Then the Chief guest PG. Rtn. Nagendra and AG Rtn. Jayaprakash were wonderfully introduced by Annet Saanvi Rakesh. Rock had seen to it that she wins a prize here also and she won the accolades from the Chief Guest as the best intro he had in the last 1 year. Flashpoint of the day was the introduction of the New team members by Munnabhai and Circuit and Annets Pratham and Pranav easily stole the show and won the hearts of all present in the gathering. The catchy script(courtesy Rtn. Harish) and the uency of the dialogue delivery was awesome hats off to them for their no inhibitions attitude. Installation of the new team was followed by lighting of the lamp by all present Midtown's Magic at Venky's Installation on the stage and the song Deepavu ninnade was the background score. It was apt for the New Year's theme Light Up Rotary. I always appreciated Venky's dancing skills and the moment was now to show case that. The dancing talents of Midtown- Rakesh, Raju, Naveen, Babanna were brought together and they started putting their steps to the energetic number Tune maari entry and the newly crowned president joined them and the 2 minute dance on the stage with full throttle music put the hall into cloud nine. Venky gave his acceptance speech gasping after the dance. The three new entrants of Midtown Vivek Sangle, Madhusudhan, and Manjunath were introduced to the gathering by the Shastri brothers Suhas and Sankeerth. They did a good job and the appreciation followed. The new members were inducted by the chief guest. Community service project for the day was donation of uniforms to Su Trust School and the donor was Lavanya Alagappan. The About Us bulletin and The Roster were released by the AG Rtn. Jayaprakash and ZL Rtn. Raghavendra respectively. The chief Guest PG Rtn. Nagendra in his speech nicely elucidated incidents how Rotary has touched lives and reduced suffering In the community. He touched upon the theme Light up Rotary and narrated many incidents during his governorship which were worth appreciating. He was full of praise for the outgoing teams' accomplishments including achieving signicant achievement award. 20 minutes of his Continued to page 2

2. President Venky's rst meeting started well with a good number of Rotarians, anns, annettes & innerwheel members present at the well decorated hall at Rajendra Kala Mandir. After Secretary Mohan's announcements, meeting was adjourned & handed over to the innerwheel sisters. After a slight delay, the installation ceremony took off with a bang with MC's Mrs.Sudha Vishwanath & Dr.Gayathri Gubbi taking up their well assigned responsibilities. Mrs.Vinitha Satish, the newly appointed District Chairman, District Treasurer Mrs.Anuradha Nandakumar, installing ofcer Mrs.Swarna Chittaranjan adorned the stage along with President Uma, Secretary Geetha, Incoming President Premilla and incoming secretary Lavanya against the backdrop of the beautifully done banner of 'LIGHT THE PATH'. Meeting was called to order by President Uma. Mrs.Chaitra & Annette Anusha lled the air with the wonderful rendition of the sacred Mahamantra of Jainism. IW prayer was read by Mrs.Savitha Venkatesh. After the welcome speech by Uma, true to the theme of IW for this year, the dignitaries lit the lamp along with the wonderful team of Premilla. This was followed by messages by Lavanya, releasing of the bulletin by Rotary President Venkatesh & Editor Dr.Prahlad, then a brief secretary's report by Geetha Krishna. Uma then shared her experiences about her tenure as president, the team's achievements of winning 17 awards at the district assembly & thanked all the glamour queens of the club for their support & guidance with a token gift. Vyjayanthi introduced Mrs.Swarna to the august gathering. Then Swarna installed all the brightly dressed 13 ofce bearers of the club who were introduced beautifully by Renu Agarwal. In her acceptance speech, newly installed President Premilla Jain, spoke straight from the heart & recognized the generous contributions of Rotarians as well as her family. This generosity of the rotarians has become a major strength of IW year after year. Two new members Mrs.Hemalatha & Mrs.Rashmi Suresh were introduced by Anupama, got inducted into the club by DC Mrs.Vinitha thus taking the club to the LARGE CLUB category. Vinitha then briefed them about the objectives of IW. Projects were read out by Mrs.Shama Milton. Mrs.Shantha Acharya[mother of Vyjayanthi] large heartedly donated a pair of articial limbs to a needy person. 3 more projects were done on the day. Club roster was released by Mrs.Anuradha. Mr.Srinivasan was recognized for doing a wonderful job with the designing of the banner, roster & the bulletin. Mrs.Swarna made a short inspiring speech with quotes by kavi.Shivappa. Lastly VP Mrs.Chaitra signed off the colouful evening withvote of thanks . Curtains came down on the late but wonderful evening to pave way for the next morning to light up the path of SERVICE. - Prabha ...Venky's InstallationContinued from page 1 speech was heard in pin drop silence and the content of the speech was apt to the occasion. Thanks to Ramki for identifying the guest and bringing him. Secretary's announcements by Tha Na Mo was followed by well prepared Vote of thanks by President Elect Rtn. Umesh. Fully planned program was thoroughly executed in 1hr and 45 minutes . Thanks to support behind the screen by Rtn. Bhaskar, Rtn. Naveen Chandra, Rtn. Gangesh and of course many others who have contributed their time and efforts. And how can I forget the beautiful backdrop for the event designed by Srinivasan. He had his contribution in designing the invitation, About Us, roster and as usual he did it with perfection. Personally it was a satisfying experience for me and thanks to Venky and Mohan for giving me this opportunity. I enjoyed . Thought for the week EAz zAi ; PAo wy ! EAz R, P ! EAz jAi, gu - Av ! Agz It - APw ! Today we rejoice since it is a wedding day. Tomorrow, it could be a funeral. Today we get a full course special meal. Tomorrow we may have to ask for alms. Today we have to fast. Tomorrow we may get special food. We will have to settle our debts by all these means..." RainbowsAtPremilla'sWonderfulTeamInstallation 3. dsjvQQjzvvV365UqAigFavPPgvAiUP PremierShowwasheldatHotelLERuchi,Mysoreon09-07-14,7;30pmPremierShowwasheldatHotelLERuchi,Mysoreon09-07-14,7;30pmPremierShowwasheldatHotelLERuchi,Mysoreon09-07-14,7;30pm DebutActorsVivekSangle,Manjunath,Madusudhan,MusicDirectorRtnRakeshBabu,SoundsupportHebbar&Company, ArtDesignandBackDropRtn.Seenanna,DancersBabbana,Naveen,Rock,RajuBaliga,ScriptRtn.KBHarish,ProducersMidtownProducons, MuhurathShotPDGRtn.Nagendra,LightUpRotary(LAMPlighng)ChiefGuestPDGRtn.Nagendra,AGRtn.Jayaprakash,LightupRotaryboardmembers Hero MoeVenkatesh Heroine TaNaMohan SupporngActorsPratham,Pranav,Suhas,Sankeerth,SaanviSupporngActorsPratham,Pranav,Suhas,Sankeerth,SaanviSupporngActorsPratham,Pranav,Suhas,Sankeerth,Saanvi Directedby Rtn.DrPrahlad, a BajuRaliga 4. Printed at Tech Prints, Mysore-570005 Ph: 2330380, 4289380 Email: techprints@rediffmail.com, techprints89@gmail.com Aboutus In-house Magazine Published by Rtn. Mohan Kumar T.N, Hon. Secretary Rotary Mysore Midtown, JLB Road, Mysore - 570024 Editorial Board: Rtn. Dr. K.A Prahlad, Rtn. Bheemesh, Rtn. Ramakrishna, Rtn Bhanuchandran Rtn. Pramod Gubbi, Rtn. Sundar, Rtn. R.S. Vishwanath Rotary informationINSTALLATION CEREMONY OF RCC VINYAS Sequence of Events at RCC Vinyas installation ceremony 2014-15 1. Watering of the Sapling of 40 Plants by the chief guest Dr MABalasubramanya,andotherdignitaries 2. Poojaat GaneshaTemple 3. InvocationSongbySandhya(SpecialEmployee) 4. Presentation ofAnnual Report by Mr. Raghavendra RCC Secretary(2013-2014) 5. InstallationofOfceBearers2014-2015byChiefGuestDr MABalasubramanya 6. Acceptance Speech by RCC President Anand. S committedtoensureRCCvisionandmission. 7. RCC Chairman Rtn. N Narendra while addressing the gatheringbelowmessageswereshared 1.Saplingoftreestopreserveplanet 2. Orientation programs for the Koorgally Government schoolchildren. 3. He called upon the members to collectively invove in fundraising Getting inspired by his principles as explained, they have collected Rs 40000 from the 800 Vinyas employee's and handed over to Dr M A Balasubramanya for their 200bed hospital for tribal people to purchase Pediatric infusion pump. 8. RMT President Rtn.Venkateesh while addressed the gathering called upon to work towards the literacy of the community people and also promised to give the whole heartedsupport 9. Dr M A Balasubramanyawhile addressing the gathering gavelotofinputsandsuggestions 1. Implementation of programs which supports economicallyweakersections 2. Work towards the good work and result, never concentrateonrecognitionoridentication. 10. PresentationbyNGOKalisu Kalisu foundation is a voluntary organization that passionately envisions to capacitate under privileged children to convert their inert dreams into t