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About Startup Leadership Program Renowned for its world class training and valuable global entrepreneurial networks, Startup Leadership Program was founded in Boston in 2006, and since then, it has expanded to 24 chapters across 11 countries such as UK, Israel and Japan. Since its founding, Startup Leadership has built an rapidly expanding network of 900 Fellows who have started 700+ companies that have raised nearly $400 million. Fellows who graduated from the program have qualified for worlds top accelerators including Techstars, DreamIT, Wayra, Seedfund, and a number have also won major global entrepreneurship awards. This 60-hour highly effective, innovative curriculum including gaming, simulations, spanning over 6 months, as well as networking sessions is designed to build and expand business networks both locally and overseas. This is the first year that SLP is in Singapore. However, there has been much enthusiasm and activity since a group of 6 NUS Overseas College alumni launched the program in June 2013. At the closing of the application period, we had 80 applications, from which 19 fellows from 13 different countries were carefully selected to join us for the 2013/2014 program. The classes have now begun since 14 Sep. For more information, please visit www.startupleadership.com.


<ul><li>1. </li></ul> <p>2. Startup Leadership Global Head Quarter (USA) David D. Nirun F.Elise T. PEOPLE BEHIND SLP Sharon M.BAI KeFrank X. Josie L. 3. History of SLP 4. History of SLP 5. History of SLP 6. 6Months 12Classes 103- hour long classes Bi weekly 2Day long classes On weekends SLP in a Nutshell 7. 6Months 12Classes 103- hour long classes Bi weekly 2Day long classes On weekends 60classroom activities hours SLP in a Nutshell 8. MENTORS Name Position/ Company Wong Hoong An Cofounder of hungrygowhere John Tan Cofounder of Frolick and black Roger Yuen Cofounder of Clozette.co Eunice Leow Cofounder of Strictly Pancakes Hugh Mason CEO of JFDI Martin Tan Director of Halogen Darius Cheung Cofounder of Tencube (Acquired by Mcafee) Gwen Tan Cofounder of SG Entrepreneurs Grace Clapham Cofounder of Secret W Business Prof Wong Poh Kam Director of NUS Enterprise Jonathan of Olswang Olswang,UK law firm Name Position/ Company Wong Hongting Cofounder of 2359 Media Low Chin Chau Founder of Ufinity Zaid Hamzah Director, Intellectual Futures Private Limited Justin Lee Cofounder of Pointstar Nick Yang Cofounder of Lebox Captial (Beijing) Derrick B Kuek Cofounder of ABR holdings Wayne Chia Cofounder of Techsailor (Acquired by In the New) Mike Zhan Founder of SmartSpace 9. SLP VALUES By Our Fellow for Our Fellows Inspired by John Wood, founder of Room to Read Small is Beautiful Diversity is Critical We take attendance and community involvement very very seriously. This is a program about LEADERSHIP. We are bootstrappers, lean startup-ers. We help each other to succeed. 10. ANY QUESTION? Email us! Email us at startupleadershipsingapore@gmail.com For Info on Upcoming events Join and Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Startu pLeadershipSingapore To apply for next SLP program in Singapore, go to www.startupleadership.com Application starts every June! </p>