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  • Good Mafternoon! 4/16/15EQ: How did Europe impact Australia? HW: Goodnight's Sleep and Good Breakfast! :)

    SPONGE 1. Update TOC 2. Glue handout on pg 1003. Get out BYOT or grab an iPad4. Begin silently completing your Graphic Organizer using mspardee.weebly.com

    Date#Title 4-16100Aborigines GO4-16101Dreamtime Legend

  • Australia History- Aborigines

    INDIVIDUALLY-complete your graphic organizer about Aborigines using your technology. Follow the directions and create a Dreamtime Legend on page 101 of your INB.If you finish early, you can use technology to:review on study islandplay sheppard software to review map locationslook up more about aborigines

  • Who are the Aborigines?Unit 10 Notes

  • AboriginesIndigenous people of AustraliaHave occupied Australia for at least 40,000 years!Arrived from Southeast AsiaThe word aborigines means people who were here from the beginning

  • AboriginesDeveloped efficient ways to adapt to the harsh Australian environmentBuilt containers for storing water and built wells to collect water undergroundThey were hunters and gatherers: ate animals, wild nuts, fruits, and berries.They were nomadic--moved from place to place in search of food

  • AboriginesArchaeologists have found early Aboriginal inventions:Rock art, boomerangs, ground axes, and grindstonesThere is no written record of prehistoric AboriginesKept their history by telling stories that were passed down from generation to generation

  • Social StructureConsisted of a tribe or language group of as many as 500 peopleA tribe included bands called hordes of 10 to 20 peopleHordes joined for daily food gathering and hunting

  • Where?Settled in the same places as present-day AustraliansClimate was mild and water was availableBefore Europeans arrived in 1788, around 500,000 Aborigines lived in Australia

  • Arrival of EuropeansAborigines lived on Australias coast, which is where the Europeans wanted to settleEuropeans waged war against the Aborigines in order to take their land

  • Advantage of EuropeansGuns SoldiersDiseasesMore than half of the Aborigines in Australia diedEntire population died in Tasmania.

  • What happened to remaining Aborigines?Forced to live on reservations in the OutbackForced to work for Europeans on sheep and cattle ranchesLaws were made to limit where Aborigines could live and work.The British hoped to end all Aboriginal culture with their policies.

  • Aborigines Today300,000 live in Australia todayIn the 1960s, policies were changed to be in favor of AboriginesCan hold a seat in ParliamentCan have their own schools which teach their culture, language, and artLive modern lives, some are teachers, lawyers, mechanics, nurses and politicians

  • Religion -- DreamtimeAboriginal religion is called Dreamtime The Dreaming is what Aborigines call the beginning of life on EarthDuring the Dreaming, spirits created the land, people, and animalsMost of the spirits disappeared, but some live on in objectsBelieve the earth is a link to the spiritual world The land itself is sacred to AboriginesAborigines have Dreamtime legends that describe how the earth was created

  • Directions#1. With your partner, use the handout and Coachbook pages: 203-206 to complete your graphic organizer#2. On the back, answer #516-526 in the coachbook#3. Finish CRCT Review Sheet

  • Stories of the DreamingLets watch a few Dreamtime legends:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sle62XV0BO0&feature=related

  • Your Task:Create your own Aboriginal Dreamtime legendYou may choose to write about:why certain Australian animals look/act the way they dohow one of Australias physical features was createdwhy certain events in nature happen

    There is no length limit, but your story must AT LEAST pass the three hand rule. Be creative!