A.Abhari CPS1251 Topic 1: Introduction to Computers Computer Hardware Computer components Connecting Computers Computer Software Operating System (OS)

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<ul><li><p>Topic 1: Introduction to ComputersComputer HardwareComputer componentsConnecting ComputersComputer Software Operating System (OS)Running a High-level LanguageProblem Solving with Computers Software Development Method</p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Computer componentsCentral Processing UnitMemoryInput/output devicesSecondary storage </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Computer Components</p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>CPU</p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>CPUArithmetic/logic unit (ALU) Performs arithmetic operations (+,-,...) and logical operations (, ...)Control unit (CU) Decodes machine instructions and tells other components the required operationsRegisters store current instruction and values </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>MemoryA collection of cellsEach cell has an address and a valueRandom Access Memory (RAM) Cells can be accessed randomlyRam is volatileAll data stored in binary formatBit, byte and word are the unit of data </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>CPU-Memory InteractionAssume a is stored in 14and b is stored in 15 a= a + b ResultProgram Fetch-execute cycle</p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Input/output Devices Text-based and GUI-based interactionScanners, Touch screensMonitor, printer, speakers Secondary Storage Floppy disk , CD (680 MB), DVD (4.717 GB), Tape, Hard diskFile, Directory, Subdirectory, Folder </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Hard Disk Drive Basics </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Connecting ComputersLocal Area Network (LAN)</p><p>Wide Area Network (WAN)</p><p>Internet</p><p>World Wide Web (WWW)</p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Computer SoftwareOperating System (OS)Part of OS is stored on Read Only Memory (ROM) OS is responsible for directing all computer operations and resourcesCommand line interface (Unix)Graphical user interface (Windows) </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Computer SoftwareApplication Software ( Word, Excel, etc.)</p><p> Computer Languages</p><p> Low level languages (machine language) High level language (C, Java, Fortran, ) </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Running a High-level LanguageGenerating a source file (editor) =&gt; tst.cTranslating to machine code (compiler) =&gt;tst.objLinking the object file with other object files (linker) =&gt;tst.exeCopying the executable file into memory (loader)Integrated Development environment (IDE) combines all of these steps </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Problem Solving with Computers (Software Development Method)1- Specify the problem requirement2- Analyze the problem (input, output, additional requirements). Modeling the problem (abstraction)3- Design the algorithm to solve the problem (top-down design or divide and conquer)4- Implement the algorithm=&gt; changing the algorithm to a programming language </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li><li><p>Problem Solving with Computers (Software Development Method)5- Test and verify the complete program, running the program several times with different data sets6- Maintain and update the program, removing undetected errors</p><p> ** Failure is part of the process ** </p><p>A.Abhari CPS125</p></li></ul>


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