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  • A tribute to Miss Sito for her 80th Birthday!

  • Principal’s Message

    Dear alumni,

    We dedicate this August issue of our Alumni Newsletter to Miss Helena Sito, our beloved ex-teacher and ex-principal who has so dedicatedly served Methodist College for 36 years before her retirement in 1994.

    It is no exaggeration to say that Miss Sito has been our shared memory. To alumni of the early years, she was the wonderful English teacher who has helped many to master this foreign language which contributed to their career success. To alumni of the 80s and 90s, she was the committed principal who brought the College to high achievements in both academic and non-academic aspects. To alumni of the recent decades, she was the big name behind the fund which has enabled them to widen their horizon in life. To me, she is the warmest supporter who is always sympathetic to my needs and requests.

    Earlier on, to celebrate Miss Sito’s 80th birthday in March, we collected some words of gratitude from some alumni and put them into a Special Publication which was sent to Miss Sito as a birthday gift. With the permission of Miss Sito and those alumni, we are glad to attach it with this issue for your enjoyment. To let you see the present Miss Sito in sight and sound, we have enclosed the link to a video which was taken in May 2013 when she was interviewed by our students for a writing competition.

    On Miss Sito’s retirement in 1994, HK$ 700,000 was raised to establish the “Miss Helena Sito Education Fund”. Owing to extremely low interest rates in the recent decades, the balance now is approximately HK$ 350,000. It is thus urgent for us to raise new funds to maintain the good work. In this issue, I am grateful to Mr. David Chan (1971) and Mr. Ng Kin Yuen (1976) for contributing some words to help us in the appeal. We have also chronicled the names of the beneficiaries from the Fund as a valuable record.

    It is my greatest wish that more donations could come from those who have benefited from Miss Sito’s service in the College as well as those who have benefited from this Fund. Though you may be still on the first rung of your career ladder, your contribution will be the most effective teaching on gratefulness to the younger ones here in the Methodist College family.

    To make your donation, simply complete the Donation Form attached and send it with your cheque to us. Don’t forget to mark down 2 Nov 2013 (Sat) on your calendar. I look forward to seeing you on our 55th Anniversary Founders’ Day.

    Emily Wong


  • Tribute to Our Beloved Miss Helena Sito, at her 80th birthday

    Miss Helena Sito Suk-han’s teaching career started with Methodist College when we were just opened in 1958. Being one of the longest serving staff members of the College, she took up the pivotal role of Principal from 1980 to 1994, and was the longest serving principal so far in the College’s history. Under her leadership, the College went from strength to strength. To honour her at her retirement in 1994, alumni and teachers eagerly contributed and set up the Miss Helena Sito Education Fund. Throughout the years, the Fund supported worthy students on English immersion programmes to the UK and Singapore, from which a large number of students have benefited. These lucky students were testimonies of the continuous grace of God bestowed upon the College through Miss Sito. Here, in this special pamphlet, blessed graduates from various years join their hearts in wishing Miss Sito – Happy 80th Birthday! And may God’s grace be bountiful upon you in the days to come!

    Emily Wong, Principal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Through taking part in the Miss Helena Sito Education Fund since its inception in 1996, I have been deeply touched by the unstinting support from our former and present teachers as well as alumni in various ways. This not only shows their concern for the well-being of the College, but the great respect to Miss Sito in whose name the Fund is established. Happy Birthday, Miss Sito.

    May God bless you abundantly! Mr. Ng Kin Yuen (1976)

    We owe so much of our school's fundraising success to our teachers who communicate with their students and create excitement and generate enthusiasm. Good health and sense are 2 of life's greatest blessings. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. You're looking fabulous at 80. Miss Sito.

    Mr. Alexander B Macdonald (1974)

    Mr. Ting Wai Chun David (2001) Corporate Development Director

    Immersion/exchange year: 2000 Destination: U.K.

    Greatest benefits gained from the programme: International exposure, an open mind, and long-lasting friendships that last till today.

    Words for Miss Sito: Dear Miss Sito, Happy Birthday! Thank you very much for your support to various initiatives at MC, including the exchange programme that I participated many years ago. The experience equipped me an open mind to pursue many new chapters later in life, including an exchange program in US, a full-time career in the UK, and most recently, in China. I wish to personally thank you at the next MC occasion, and promise to extend the spirit of promoting cultural immersion within MC through various means.

  • Mr. Lau Cheuk Yin Chadwick (2003) Revenue Analyst

    Greatest benefits gained from the programme: A great experience in social life at a secondary school dorm in UK and travelling around.

    Words for Miss Sito: Happy birthday! I still feel obliged to thank you for the wonderful trip after 9 years. It was the first step for me to put imaginations into practice - to live and travel independently abroad. Writing this from Paris on my CNY break, this feeling gets more eminent than it would be if I’m in the comfort of my home. May I take this opportunity to wish you a year full of joy and grace from the Lord in abiding by His Words.

    Immersion/exchange year: 2004 Destination: U.K.

    Words for Miss Sito:

    I am sincerely grateful for being granted the

    scholarship, which enabled me to gain overseas

    experience and challenge myself. I wish Miss Sito ever

    good health and I hope Methodist College students

    could enjoy more immersion opportunities under the

    generous support of Miss Helena Sito Fund.

    Ms Kung Sin Kei (2012)

    Current HKU Student

    Immersion/exchange year: 2011

    Destination: U.K.

    Ms Lie Sze Sze Helen (2002) Solicitor Immersion/exchange year: 2001 Destination: U.K.

    Greatest benefits gained from the programme: The programme gave me a great chance to experience the life as an exchange student in a boarding school and in a host family abroad. Through the programme, my horizons were expanded and my English was improved. Moreover, I had the opportunities to make friends with people of different nationalities.

    Words for Miss Sito: Miss Sito’s kind contributions have been benefiting many students of Methodist College. It was my pleasure to be one of the very first batch of students who were sponsored by Miss Sito’s fund to participate in the foreign exchange programme. Such experience was memorable and valuable. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Miss Sito.

  • Mr. Tsui Ho-Kan Kingsley (2006) Master’s student in Applied Linguistics at Oxford University, U.K. Immersion/exchange year: 2004 &2007 Destination: Singapore & U.K.

    (Photo taken at Oxford in 2012)

    Greatest benefits gained from the programme: It was an immense pleasure for me to be able to benefit from the Programme twice. Singapore and Britain have very distinctive educational styles, the former is renowned for its strict disciplines while the latter is famous for its liberal learning atmosphere. What they have in common is, these two countries never fail to produce talents in all walks of life. I am very thankful for these invaluable experiences which have broadened my global horizon, strengthened my interpersonal abilities and enhanced my understanding in international affairs. These also motivated me to pursue my studies overseas after secondary school.

    Words for Miss Sito: Thank you for your lifelong dedication to Methodist College for over half a century which have been inspiring generations and generations of teachers and students. May you continue to be blessed with countless happy, healthy, fruitful and grace-filled years to come!

    Ms So Choi Sim Chris (2004) Project Assistant Immersion/exchange year: 2005 Destination: U.K.

    Greatest benefits gained from the programme: The trip to Leeds broadened my horizon as a secondary student. What I learned from this trip was useful for my studying French for a month in Lyon, France and being an exchange student in London, UK at university.

    Words for Miss Sito: Miss Sito, thank you for providing such a valuable opportunity for me to improve my English and get to know the world more. I could not imagine I was selected as a recipient of the Scholarship to go to the UK after the interview. It is never the same, compared with travelling. Thanks again and wish you all the best!

    3 March 2013, Methodist College

  • Miss Sito shared her invaluable experience to students in May 2013. To watch the highlight of the interview, please visit:



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