a rmy ants of the a mazon this short presentation was created to provide educators and students...

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ARMY ANTS OF THE AMAZON This short presentation was created to provide educators and students information to enhance learning about this subject. Linda Gorman Hayes

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A RMY ANTS OF THE A MAZON This short presentation was created to provide educators and students information to enhance learning about this subject. Linda Gorman Hayes Slide 2 A NTS, A LTHOUGH A DMIRABLE, A RE A WFULLY A GGRAVATING BY, W ALTER R. B ROOKS The busy ant works hard all day And never stops to rest or play. He carries things ten times his size, And never grumbles, whines or cries. And even climbing flower stalks, He always runs, he never walks. He loves his work, he never tires, And never puffs, pants or perspires. Yet though I praise his boundless vim I am not really fond of him. Slide 3 J UST WHERE DID THESE FIRE ANTS COME FROM ? Red fire ants came from a place called the Amazon Rain Forest. They traveled on a boat that brought trees from Brazil in South America to the United States. Slide 4 N ORTH C AROLINA F IRE A NT ipminc.wordpress.com Slide 5 M AP OF THE A MAZON R AIN F OREST Slide 6 W HAT IS THE A MAZON R AIN F OREST ? The Amazon Rain Forest is an area of land that has many tall trees, a warm climate, and lots of rain. It is located in South America. The Amazon Rain Forest is the largest rain forest in the world. The forest is made up of four layers: The emergent layer The canopy The understory The forest floor Slide 7 T HE A MAZON A RMY A NT Slide 8 L IFE CYCLE OF AN ANT It takes about 8 -12 weeks for an ant to hatch from its egg Adult eggs larva pupa Slide 9 Imported Red Fire AntsAmazon Army Ants Traveled from South America by boat and now live in the southern United States Live in the Amazon Rain Forest in South America Workers live about 1- 1 months Life span 3 13 months Create mounds of nests in the ground and set up their home anywhere Do not make permanent nests, but build nests by attaching their bodies together Very aggressive huntersAttack in large numbers and swarm their prey Eat leaves, stems, roots, spiders, bees, birds, and mice Eat just about anything Eat other insects that destroys crops Eat what is dead or dying on the forest floor Bite and sting Slide 10 F ACTS ABOUT THE ARMY ANT Since the army ant is very aggressive, they are at the top of the insect food chain- that means there arent too many other insects that eat them. Even though they are blind, they communicate by touch, sound and scent. They clean the forest floor of the dead and rotten matter. Slide 11 B OTH ANT GROUPS HAVE JOBS Red Fire AntAmazon Army Ant Queen lays the eggs Young workers take care of the brood Soldiers protects the colony Middle age clean and protect the colony Eldest forage for foodWorkers forages for food and feeds the soldiers Slide 12 R EFERENCES Slide 2 Ant poem by Walter R. Brooks http://www.oocities.org/heartland/1133/animalpoems/bugspoems.ht ml http://www.oocities.org/heartland/1133/animalpoems/bugspoems.ht ml Slide 3 fire ant picture: http://web.biosci.utexas.edu/fireant/index.html http://web.biosci.utexas.edu/fireant/index.html Slide 4 North Carolina fire ant http://ipminc.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/ant1.jpg http://ipminc.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/ant1.jpg Slide 5 South America and the Amazon Rain Forest Image http://enviro-map.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/amazon_forest.jpg Slides 7 & 10 Amazon Army Ant http://www.bugaboopest.com/army%20ant.png Glosopedia http://www.globio.org/glossopedia/article.aspx?art_id=7 http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2006/08/army-ants/moffett-text