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  • A beginner's must

    Photography Basics

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    Want to learn how to use your camera to its full potential? Are you in the market for a new new camera and are not sure what to buy? ! Learn the the basics of digital photography from an award winning photographer and experienced educator. ! You will learn how digital cameras work, why one is better than the other, and what features you should look for when buying your next camera or when buying a new one. ! You will learn how to use the features of your camera so you can take and make memorable pictures not just snap shots. The lessons will teach you all about the various modes of your camera, when you can use one mode to take images of an object it was not designed for so you can be creative. Learn when to use your flash and when you should turn it off. ! Once you understand your camera, you will start taking great images - you will use the tips and tricks that the pros use.

  • Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1 What's The Right Camera

    How Cameras Work 


    Introduction to Exposure

    Lesson 2 What is aperture and F stops

    Shutter Speed and why

    What is ISO

    Why we need all three

    Lesson 3 Daylight Photography

    Flash Photography

    Basics of Composition

    Photography One-on-One

    Lesson 4 Composition

    How to “People Pictures”

    How to “Landscapes”

    How to “Close-up Pictures”

    Location and time: 652  Dedham  Street,  Wrentham,  MA  02093  

    9:30  AM   to  5:00  PM  

    Registration: These  workshops  are  limited  to  8  parAcipants.  

    The  workshop  fee  is  $75  which  includes  a  Pizza  Lunch.  Please  register  and  pay  for  the  workshop  on   the  registraAon page.  This  is  a  PayPal  payment  process  that  will  accept  Paypal  and  Credit  Card  

    Payments.   Please  call  me  at  617.759.0010  if  you  wish  to  pay  by  check  or  cash.