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Latin America: Latin America: Landforms and Landforms and Resources Resources

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Landforms of Latin America.


  • 1. Latin America: Landforms and Resources

2. Latin America it looks like this: 3. Another view: 4.

  • Mountains and Highlands
  • The Andes Mountains


  • This is a continuation of the mountain chain that runs through the Americas.
  • Includes the Rockies in North America, the Sierra Madres in Mexico, and the Andes here in South America.
  • Because these mountains run along the western side, it make it difficult to travel.So most people in South America have settled in the east or north.


  • Despite the rough terrain, some of the greatest South American civilizations were located in the Andes, such as the Incas.

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  • Other highlands include the Guiana Highlands


  • Plains
  • Llanos
    • Grassy and treeless plains in Columbia and Venezuela.
    • Used for grazing livestock.


  • Cerrado
    • Expansive Brazilian plains.


  • Pampas
    • In northern Argentina and Uruguay.
  • This area is home to the gauchos South American cowboys.


  • Rivers
  • Amazon
    • Second longest river in the world (next to the Nile), but has the greatest volume of water.
      • More water travels along it than the next seven rivers combined.
      • The average discharge of the Amazon is 219,000 cubic meters per second.Thats nearly58 million gallons per second!!! Thats 8 trillion gallons per day.Its a fifth of the total fresh water entering the oceans.
        • During the rainy season, it can nearly 80 millions gallons per second.
    • Flows from the Andes in the west to the east and empties into the Atlantic.


  • Its over 4,000 miles long.
  • Its average depth is 150 feet and is up to 300 feet deep near the mouth.
  • Its width ranges from 1 to 35 miles.
  • Fed by many tributaries, four of which are over 1,000 miles long themselves.
  • Thats some river.

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  • Orinoco River
    • 1,500 mile river, mainly in Venezuela.
    • The basin drains both Venezuela and some of Columbia.


  • Parana River
    • 3,000 mile river that exits around Buenos Aries.


  • Islands
  • Mainly in the Caribbean.Theyre sometimes known as the West Indies.
  • Bahamas
    • Hundreds of islands around Florida and Cuba.Capital is Nassau.

22. Bahamian beaches. What dumps. Who needs this when you have 23. Galveston. 24.

  • Greater Antilles
    • The larger islands.Made up of

Cuba Jamaica Hispaniola Puerto Rico 25.

  • Lesser Antilles
    • The smaller islands.
    • Divided into the Windward Islands those that face winds that blow across them and the Leeward Islands those that are more sheltered from the winds.


  • Resources
  • Minerals
    • South America produces a great many minerals, such as gold, silver, iron, copper, and aluminum.
  • Energy
    • Mexico and Venezuela have large oil reserves that bring in a lot of money.

27. Well end by looking at Angel Falls in Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world at 3,200 feet (the Empire State Building is only 1,250 feet). 28.