7 hard-to-ignore wastes of lean manufacturing

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Have you been losing too much cash or labour due to wastes on your business? Check out this 7 wastes of lean manufacturing for you will be guided. Presented by http://txm.com.au/ - a lean management company - lets work to help your business grow smarter.


  • 1. 7 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing You Must Not Ignore

2. Here are the 7 Popular Wastes of Lean Manufacturing 3. 1. TRANSPORT 4. The transfer of goods from one location to another can be a waste to TIME and CASH 5. 2. INVENTORY 6. PRODUCTS are LEFT in INVENTORY before going out for ACTUAL SALES which is a WASTE of TIME and LABOUR 7. 3. MOTION 8. Stressful MOTION put UNWANTED STRAIN on both the workforce and machine with leads to LOST TIME and PRODUCTIVITY. 9. 4. WAITING 10. Waiting for MACHINES to be REPAIRED and for a QUERY to be ANSWERED are WASTE of PRODUCTIVE TIME 11. 5. Over-Processing 12. LARGE MACHINE slows down work as every process requires going through them and this leads to SERIOUS WASTE 13. 6. OVERPRODUCTION 14. Making TOO MUCH or TOO EARLY of PRODUCT that is NOT REALLY REQUIRED leads to WASTEFUL INVENTORY and TRANSPORT 15. 7. DEFECTS 16. ANY DEFECTS in the product lead to POOR QUALITY REPAIR leads to WASTE of INVESTMENT. 17. So those are the 7 WASTES of LEAN MANUFACTURING that are CRUCIAL to your PRODUCTION 18. To KNOW MORE about EFFECTIVE LEAN MANAGEMENT and ALL OTHER RELATED FUNCTIONS - CONTACThttp://txm.com.au 19. Call TXM Today to find expert lean consultants to help your business grow SMARTERCONTACT US HERE