6 old inventions that you probably never heard of

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Not every human invention will become popular. These are 6 old inventions that you probably never heard of before but actually invented.


  • 1.All-terrain car Designed in 1936. Who need road when you can get one of this!

2. The Amphibious bicycle Some peoples said bicycle is not really great as a mean of transportation. Then, how about an amphibious bike! This bicycle can carry up to 120 pound of load and mean to be use as water-and-land transportation. 3. Car with shovel for pedestrians Peoples are concern about the amount of pedestrians being accidentally hit by a car. This is how to reduce the numbers of casualties. 4. Fold-able bridge Peoples no longer have to wait for the bridge to be constructed! You need to go to the other side of the river? Deploy the folding bridge! 5. Radio hat They dont have mp3 players back then. So how can they listen to their favorite songs while theyre on the move? By wearing one of this radio hat of course! This hat is made in 1931 by an American inventor. 6. Revolver camera This is not your ordinary gun. When someone pull the trigger, this revolver will automatically take a picture. 7. http://prototypealpha.blogspot.com/ For more interesting and amazing stuffs, visit the blog above


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