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<p>Top 10 Best Hair Salons</p> <p>6 Best Hair SalonsA list of the top 6 best hair salons around the world (non-US) based on salon design, luxurious items, service, staff and location</p> <p>Josh Wood Atelier, LondonJosh Wood is a celebrity hair coloristHas managed a good deal of great salons in the city</p> <p>Barney Martin, SydneyMartin is most known for his cool hairstylesHe does haircuts and styles that can easily be redone at home</p> <p>David Mallett, ParisMost popular with the best fashion photographers and stylistsCreates beautiful and stylish hair for Frenchwomen </p> <p>Area Numero Sei, MilanOne of the stylists emplyed here is Alessandro Lisi who has worked with the best in the hair and fashion businessNow Area Numero Sei has a great clientele</p> <p>Maria Dowling, DubaiEveryone wants to go there, so getting an appointment is pretty hardMario Downling, with the great salon design and perfect styling skills attracts visitors from all around the world</p> <p>Silvia Galvn Image Studio, Mexico CitySilvia Galvn Image Studio has a beautiful salon design and is one of the busiest salons in the cityBesides hair and color, they do eyebrows tooThe well-known hair and fashion expert Hugo Alvarez works there</p> <p>Top 6 Best Hair SalonsAll these hair salons were chosen carefully by several criteriaSalon design was the most important and leading factorEach and everyone of these salons has great stylists and employeesThe salons have a lot of satisfied clients that all have beautiful hair styles</p>