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Welcome to Marbella Spa and Salon, a prominent beauty establishmentthat has been at the upper echelon of hair services since 2002.

Owned by Eduardo Scissorhands Granados,Marbella Spa and Salons passion is notonly to go above and beyond expectationsthat you set for your personal style.

Our salon has a haircut specialist and a color specialist! We know how to work withany type of hair. No matter what you might need we will be sure to help you!

Specializing in various aspects of beautifying your locks, whetheryou are seeking top of the line color services or phenomenal styles.

We always look forward to seeing you and crafting your hairto perfection every time that you walk through our doors.

Contact Us415 WESTHEIMER Rd #210,HOUSTON, TX 77006, USAPHONE: 713.523.6905Website:


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