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Please Come to Dinner & The Monkey, The Mice, and the Cheese Vocabulary Practice

5th Grade

Northwood ElementaryPlease Come to Dinner & The Monkey, The Mice, and the CheeseVocabulary PracticeGreedyAdjectiveWanting more than you need; extreme selfishness

The man was being greedy because he would not share his food with anyone!

MannersNounThe ways in which someone acts or behaves

The bear showed good manners by sharing his crayons.

FadingVerbLosing color and freshness; to gradually become weaker

The jean jacket began fading and was showing signs of being old and worn after many years of use.

RepliedVerbTo have given an answer or response

We replied yes to the invite using the R.S.V.P card.

RemoveVerbTo take something away

Mrs. Van Dyke has to remove the furniture from her computer room to make way for the new babys room.

6CircumstancesNounThe facts and or conditions connected to an event

The circumstances of Hurricane Sandy left New Jersey with some serious damage.

MumbledVerbSpoken quietly and unclearly

The boy mumbled sooo often that his mom made him take public speaking classes to practice his public speech.

TransportedVerbMoved from one place to another

The family was transported to China by an airplane for their Christmas Vacation.

TrophyNounA prize or award of some kind

The girl who won first place also got the biggest trophy!

ObjectedVerbDisagreed with; against something

The lawyer objected in the courtroom when he thought something was being done unfairly.

RuinedVerbSpoiled or destroyed

The grass stains ruined the clothing!

limbNoun A part of the body used in moving or grasping (arms and legs)

The man broke every single limb in his motorcycle accident and was in a full body cast!

ExcuseVerbTo give someone permission not to do something

My coach will excuse me from practice today because I am at home sick in bed.

SankVerbTo have moved downward slowly

The Titanic sank after hitting the iceberg.

InstantAdjectiveHappening right away

When the boy began to study harder his higher grades reflected instant results!

SuddenlyAdverbHappening without warning; happening quickly or abruptly

The man in the costume leaped suddenly out from behind the tree and scared me!

CoveredVerb To put something over something else

Snow covered the grounds as we traveled farther north.

ArgueVerbTo disagree with someone through verbal expression

The family and friends began to argue over who would get the last slice of pizza.

CrawledVerbMoved on your hands and knees

The baby crawled quickly across the room to reach the toy.

DivideVerbTo split into parts

Our teacher divided us into two groups for the class project.


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