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A presentation to Year 13 pupils at Northwood College about the skills needed at university to complete assignments successfully.


  • 1. On the shoulders ofgiantsFiona OBrienAcademic Liaison and Training ManagerNorthwood College27 March 2013

2. University of Westminster The first polytechnic in the UK, founded in 1838 Sites across central London and in Harrow 19,000 undergraduates 2,000 staff 3. About me 30 years in librarianship British Library, BBC, BFI, further education, charity sector Manage a team of 20 librarians and IT trainers Building relationships Developing resources Teaching and learning activities 4. Summary The university library Researching your assignment How university is different Tools you can use What is information literacy? Digital skills Preparing for the world of work 5. The university library Books and e-books Journals and e-journals Trade journals Newspapers Websites and databases Film and broadcast material 6. Researching your assignment Where do you start? 7. How university is different? Demonstrate what youve researched Develop original ideas to show your understanding Cite correctly using appropriate referencing style 8. Tools you can use 9. Tools you can use 10. Tools you can use 11. Other libraries COPAC SCONUL Access scheme British Library 12. What is information literacy?Information literate people will demonstrate anawareness of how they gather, use, manage,synthesise and create information and data in anethical manner and will have the information skills todo so effectively. 13. Digital literacy A hot topic in higher education and for employers 90% new jobs require digital skills Manage your online reputation 14. Preparing for the world of work Information literacy is a life skill, not just forassignment writing: 15. Any questions?THANK YOUFiona


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