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Volume XIV, Issue IV: December 14,

Timberwolves waltz their way to a premiereNorthwoods Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Winds will premiere A Waltz Down Christmas Avenue at the Winter Gala Concert on Dec 20. This is the first time Northwood has been approached by a composer to premiere a piece. liberty to modify as he saw fit for the world premiere, was really exciting. As opposed to listening to previous recordings, it is much more of a dialogue [between the composer and the orchestra] for us, said Case. Its not just recreating, but actually creating. The tune, which is written in the traditional waltz time signature of , has a series of chromatic runs that culminate in a hemiola effect where multiple harmonies contrast and blend with each other. Goffe had initially written A Waltz Down Christmas Avenue as a simple four-part piece for just strings, not a full orchestra, to encourage his son to practice more. It just hit me that if I wrote a little piece, then my son couldnt hide from practicing his cello, said Goffe. Although he does not have set plans to compose more pieces in the future, Goffe said he is open to more opportunities. I write for the love of it, said Goffe. If I ever made a penny off of this, Id be ecstatic. If I made a million, Id also be ecstatic. When you do what you love, youd never work a day.

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By tIm ShIeh & ChrIS SunBusiness Manager & Staff Writer

The piece was written by Andrew Goffe, a private music instructor and freelance composer who hopes to use the piece in a film he is currently working on. According to Northwoods Instrumental Music Director Ben Case, the films producers will attend the Gala Concert to decide whether or not to use the song. Case said conducting an entirely new piece, which Goffe gave him

It is not just recreating, but actually creating

THe greaT DebaTerS: The Speech and Debate Team, along with adviser Vernon Brock, display their plaques and trophies after the award ceremony.

Speech and Debate Team raises the roof with a 4th place finishof preparation to interpret and debate a resolution concerning either philosophy or national or international topics that changes every round. Although it was his and Swerdfegers first time debating in the Parliamentary format, Im said he and his partner could really related to each other during the rounds. Evan is a great partner, and I found Parliamentary Debate to be the most intellectually stimulating debate I have ever participated in, said Im. Junior Jordan Fadness placed sixth in the quarterfinal rounds of Varsity-level Lincoln Douglas debate, a one-on-one debate that centers around a resolution usually concerning morality. Sophomores Danielle Yuhan and Kunwoo Lee placed 5th in Novice Policy Debate while juniors Tim Shieh and James Hwang placed 7th in Varsity Policy Debate, a two-on-two debate during which each side advocates a governmental policy change. I believe [policy debate] prob-

By monSoon PabraIManaging Editor

Northwoods Speech and Debate Team placed 4th overall out of 25 schools at the Cypress College High School Speech and Debate Invitation held Dec. 7 - 8. This was the first time in three years that the team placed at an invitational with over 700 competitors. The majority of Northwoods debaters invested their time in prepared debates including Lincoln Douglas Debate, Congressional Speaking, Parliamentary Debate and Policy Debate. Northwood had four major victories in Congressional Debate. Senior Chirag Dixit and sophomores Roxana Akbari and Jeremy Wang placed first, second and eighth, respectively, in the Varsity division, and sophomore Chris Park placed fifth in the Novice division. Juniors Evan Swerdfeger and Cullen Im placed third in Parliamentary debate, a form of debate for which students are given 20 minutes

creaTing muSic: Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber winds rehearsed A Waltz Down Christmas Avenue after school on Dec. 10 while composer Goffe commmented on their interpretation.

Param Shah The Northwood Howler

mock Trial adjourned. Verdict? Huge Success!By monSoon PabraIManaging Editor

Photo provided by roxana akbarI

ably requires the most amount of work, said Lee. But I enjoy working with Danielle. She is a great partner and is as reliable as a sister. Two Northwood students also placed in Individual Events, which focus on speechmaking. Sophomore Momachi Pabrai placed fifth in Dramatic Interpretation, an event that focuses on interpreting any dramatic piece of literature to move the judge emotionally. In addition, senior Alan Sun placed sixth in Impromptu speaking, an event that requires students to deliver a five-minute speech on a given topic after two minutes of preparation. Senior Jay Gopal, Speech and Debate president, said Pabrai and Sun gave a large amount of hope to the team with their performances; the team has always done extraordinarily well in debates, but has tended to fall apart in individual events. [Overall], I am really proud of the entire team for doing so well at a tournament we havent placed at in over three years, said Gopal.

Northwoods White and Blue Mock Trial teams finished in the top eight and top 16 respectively on Dec. 6 and 4. Both teams made it past the first four preliminary trials, which is farther than Northwood has gone in the last five years. It was a great experience being a part of Mock Trial for the first time, said sophomore Chris Park, who was on the Blue Team. I cant believe I was part of a legendary team qualifying to semi-finals after far too many years. For the past three weeks, both the Blue and White teams have competed at the Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Mock Trial meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Two deputy district attorneys, Rahul Gupta and Eric Scarbrough coach and

accompany the team to every trial, giving the team advice drawn from their personal experiences in courtrooms. In Mock Trial, there are three attorneys in each of the two teams. The three split up the opening statement, the closing statement and the direct and cross examinations of witnesses. The four witnesses for each team are scored based on their knowledge of the facts and believability. The witnesses play a large role in determining whether the team wins or loses. The Pretrial attorney is the most important attorney in Mock Trial. David Tag, who has served for two years, reflects on his years as an attorney. Looking back these past two years, Mock Trial was an experience unlike any other, said senior David Tag. It was all due to the deputy District Attorneys that incorporated their trial experience into our arguments. It isnt so much a play as it is a real trial with real debate and some great rebuttal.

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NEWS YAT hosts Winter White-Out dance New rides at Knotts2December 14, 2012Staff Writers

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By elaine lu and Karina lee

For the first time in three years, the City of Irvines Youth Action Team (YAT) will host a city-wide dance tonight. The Winter WhiteOut Dance will have a holiday theme and will be held from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Heritage Park Community Center. According to Northwood senior and YAT representative Annette Lee, YAT is hosting the event to give Northwood, Irvine, University, Woodbridge, Creekside and Beckman high school students a night to have fun and relax with their friends. They also wanted to give students something fun and exciting to do on a Friday night. Since students enjoy going to

their own individual school dances, we thought we can take it to a whole other level by having a city-wide one, said Lee. At the dance, the students can either show off their skills on the dance floor or relax in the upstairs lounge, where they can play pool or ping pong. Water and nachos will be sold at the snack bar for $1 and licorice will be 10 pieces for $1. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $7, or $6 with two canned goods. Also, a student ID is required to be admitted into the dance. This is going to be an amazing dance, said Lee. Youll get a chance to hang out with your friends from other schools and have a night to remember! [It] doesnt get better than this!

By ChriSTine leeStaff Writer

Knotts Berry Farm will introduce three new rides by the summer of 2013: a wild mouse coaster, a flying scooter and a classic scrambler ride. The wild mouse coaster has four-person cars and a 52-foot-tall track. With sharp corners and zig-zag turns, the ride will give riders the illusion of flying over the edges of the

The Pacific Scrambler is a spinning carnival ride. Riders go on individual spinning cars that give the illusion of crashing into other cars and their surroundings. These three new rides will be built in the Boardwalk area, where Perilous Plunge, the tallest and steepest water ride in the world, was located. With the death of a 40-year-old woman in 2001 due to inadequate safety restraints and resulting controversies, the ride has been closed since

PhoTo Provided By Annette Lee

Propping up Californias schoolsBy Zoe Burger and Tim ShiehCopy Editor and Business Manager

Northwood avoided more than a week of furlough days, cuts to teacher pay and curriculum modifications following the passage of Proposition 30, which increased the tax rate on high-earners in the state, according to Principal Leslie Roach. While I know for the students furlough days dont seem to be a terrible option, teachers would lose a significant portion of their pay and the curriculums would have had to be significantly cut, said history teacher Eric Keith. The propos