5 hacks for making your presentations better

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This is my 5 hacks for making presentations suck less. To be held in an internal info share session 26th Feb 2014. Oh, and it has pictures of kittens as well.


  • 1. 5hacks for making your presentations better ! Kristian Luoma, @kluoma

2. A KITTEN DIES WHENEVER YOU MAKE A BAD PRESENTATION 3. BAD PRESENTATIONS WASTE TIME 4. GREAT PRESENTATION INSPIRES 5. 1Aim to teach something 6. YOUR INTERESTTHEIR INTEREST 7. YOUR INTERESTTHEIR INTERESTTEACH THIS! 8. WASTE OF TIMEYOUR INTERESTTHEIR INTERESTWASTE OF TIMETEACH THIS! 9. 1Aim to teach something: Focus on what you can teach them & what will enable them to deliver what you need 10. 2Reduce cognitive load 11. BADGOODMUCH BETTER ! PRESENTATION 12. BADGOODMY SLIDE TITLE! !This slide uses bullets for highlighting the points It has so many bullets I actually read out loud my bullets too. Because I dont think you can read Raise your paw if youre reading this and not listening to me This tiny text here is irrelevant, but Ill just add it - just in caseFEW INSPIRING WORDS Page 5 - Kristian LuomaMY LOGO 13. BADGOOD 14. 2Reduce cognitive load: Take away everything that guides attention elsewhere. 15. 3Use narratives 16. FACTS 3 mins - takes 2 months to prepare 7 mins - takes 1 months to prepare 60 mins - lets start! 17. Shorter speeches are harder Winston Churchill 18. 3Use narratives We remember stories much easier than facts alone. Make up stories and use personas. 19. 4Create drama 20. vs 21. Copyright Nancy Duarte 22. 4Create drama: What is, What could be, What is, What could be, ..It keeps your audience engaged and listening. 23. 5Summarize takeaways 24. 1 Aim to teach something 2 Reduce cognitive load 3 Use narratives 4 Create drama 5 Summarize takeaways 25. 5Summarize takeaways: A proper wrap-up highlights what you were teaching and activates. 26. +1Dont tell everything directly, let people draw conclusions and think. 27. My hidden message:All presentations are meant to teach something. Prepare them accordingly. 28. Thanks. You can follow me: @kluoma