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expanded version of my previous presentation zen powerpoint. Collected ideas and tips for better presentations.


  • 1.

2. Deathby Powerpoint 3. Millionsof people around the world are sufferingdeathby powerpoint. Every day 4. 5. Handout Data Dump Prompt 6. Presentation zen [there is another way] Right aligned 7. right visual emotional left verbal logical 8. Peopleread faster than youtalk Youre redundant 9. Would the last person to arrive please leave the lightson 10. Dont Hide 11. Emotions [engage them] Empty space is not nothing; it is a powerful something 12. 13. The 1-7-7 rule: What is it?

  • Have only one main idea per slide.
  • Insert only seven lines of text maximum.
  • Use only seven words per line maximum.
  • The question is though: does this work?
  • Is this method really good advice?
  • Is this method really an appropriate, effective visual?
  • This slide has just seven bullet points!

14. Bulletskill killBullets 15. The picture superiority effect says that pictures are remembered better than words, especially when people are casually exposed for a very limited time 16. a thousand words 17. 18. 19. Slides Notes Handouts [for everyone] [for you] [for them] 20. Signal vs Noise Ratio 21. Alignment Repetition Contrast Empty Space 22. Increase Retention Increase retention by 30%! Show slides for 14-21 seconds beforetalking about them. (University of Colorado in Bolder, 1984) 23. Let the image sink in first; then you can hang your message on that visual hook. (Burmark) 24. Average attention span: 18minutes 25. Pace Maximum40-90 seconds per slide Better2-3 per minute 26. 30 Minutes Min. 20 slides Optimum60 90 . 27. We Sell Fresh Fish Here Fresh Fish Sold Here Fresh Fish Sold Fresh Fish Fish 28. http:// /