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Presentation showing La Salle Technova Barcelona history and services for the Four Years From Now comunity.


  • 1. Anna Ruete Botet aruete@technovabarcelona.orgEntrepreneurship Program Manager @LaSalleTechnova

2. 2001 + 150 startups advised + 200 received projects/year 3. 2001 201 4 4. ECOSYSTEM 5. SERVICES Public Funding Private Funding55 Business Angels >27M 6. SERVICES Tech Market Research INNOVATION IDEATION STAGEDEVELOPME NT STAGEVALIDATION STAGECONTINUOUS AWARENESS Incubator 7. SERVICES MentoringTalentum 8. RESUME Over 12 years of experience. Park associated to technology & business school under one institute. Located in La Salle University. Great environment for startups, big companies, university and students. La Salle University is a reference in technology. Based in technological start ups. End to end support services for entrepreneurs. 9. Pirate Metrics & Growth Hacks to improve your profit.16:30 18:00 10. aruete@technovabarcelona.org @LaSalleTechnova https://www.facebook.com/LaSalleTechnovahttp://blogs.salle.url.edu/emprendedores aruete@technovabarcelona.org


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