4th international video poetry festival | athens 2015

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more info about the festival : http://theinstitute.info/?p=1024


  • USA Adrian Frost Broke Video The Return Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch April 30th Beata Pozniak People On The Bridge Dave Bonta Reading Arabic - a poem by Amy Miller Joan Gelfand Ferlinghetti School of Poetics Lavinia Roberts Nobodies Lisa Seidenberg Flight Matt Mullins Landmine in a field of flowers Jim Daniels The End of Blessings Adrian Garcia Gomez and C.O. Moed Fucking Him

    CANADA Sam Luk Invincible Spring

  • BRASIL Bagadefente Magico Paradoxo Junior Bell Uprising Pact MEXICO Krefer There is no God Paola Nepita Plascencia A boy who loves Cristina Bustamante Forastero Csar Flores Correa Animal Blood Javier Sandoval Black Face

    COLOMBIA Catalina Giraldo Vlez Das Bild in dem Bild

  • UK Diana Taylor 1962 Freedom Dina Kafiris The Lost Poem Eleni Cay Greatest Heroes Elizabeth Carlyon Solace James Starkie Ice Hotel Mab Jones Millionaire Daniel O'Donnell-Smith Slow Machines Joseph Stacey Slag

    GERMANY Stephan Gro Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU Susanne Wiegner The Light - The Shade Maria Manasterny ArgosAugen Justine B.Bauer Flies Research Clara Wieck Ana Maria Vallejo Love in 9 postcards Brenda Lien

  • Striated Stone Meets Fragile Ideals Anna-Maria Schneider Vorbei Verweht Nie Wieder

    FRANCE Eric Sarner Ravissement de Palmyre Vincent Pouplard Sun is Sad Yves Bommenel Madechirure

    SPAIN Rrose Present Tempesta Santiago Parres Perro de nadie Valentina Alvarado Cruce Postal Hernn Talavera Everything makes love with the silence Eduardo Yage Offertory Celia Parra Daz Abrasion

  • ITALY Puccio Chiesa Rebus Dimitri Ruggeri Poemotus 1915

    GREECE Douros Vassilis & Zoumba Dora Marshall Plan Thanasis Panou Jail Vassilis Karvounis My Enemies Anastasia Christopoulou Morning Aggeliki Chatzi He leaped over the gate Aggeliki Bozou Superm's Diary Stelios Oikonomidis A Handful of Light Evi Stamou Impressions I Persephone Gerorge Kalogeropoulos Cough Syrup Bill Psarras Urban Halo

  • ISRAEL Avi Dabach Nidon Zman Dr Efrat Mishori & Dana Goldberg No Shadow

    IRAN Maryam Fathollahi My Blue Gloves

    PORTLAND Cindy St. Onge Surveillance

    PORTUGAL Ins von Bonhorst Areia

    BELGIUM Eric Joris and Lies van der Auwera For what we were FRANK Messely Ulalume

  • RUSSIA Kirill Adibekov Neither you nor I

    ARGENTINA Laura Focarazzo The Uninvited

    SLOVENIA Yuliya Vrotna Kissing the poppies

    NETHERLANDS Sytse Jansma Phallus' Summer Nights

    AUSTRIA Sigrun Hllrigl A man and a woman

    UK and ISRAEL The Common Room Animation Project by Yael Ozsiany and Talia Randall

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