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25,000 Likes is a full service web-based company that focuses on the innovative social media market to provide clients a creative and unique leading path into this industry.



    Social Media Marketing, Management, & Strategic Design

    Proposal For:

    Professional Athletes

    Presented On June 20, 2012 By: Justin Jonoubei, Director of Social Media Marketing and Management Founder of 25,000 Likes 25,000likes@gmail.com916-605-8411


    25,000 Likes Company Overview 25,000 Likes is a full service web-based company that focuses on the in-novative social media market to provide clients a creative and unique leading path into this industry. In this day and age the web is expanding to globally connect users to enjoy consumerism in a way that individu-ally caters to giving fun interactive experiences that they can relate to and share with others. Our research and dedication to acknowledge a new era of thinking has allowed 25,000 Likes to be professionals in designing strategies of gamification, to create promotion in a creative light of making interaction like a game that everyone can be a part of. With this said, the present social media platform is a sufficient way to gain your companys exposure and create loyal followers and fans to be satisfied and engaged with your product.

    25,000 Likes is composed of a result-driven team of designers, strategists, and marketing professional to drive successful marketing campaigns. 25,000 Likes provides outstanding values for clients through superior ser-vice, attention to detail, determination to highlight companys uniqueness, and push results to outperform competitors. We assist businesses achieve greater online visibility to rise above competition by developing strategies that leverage website design & development, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM), graphic design, HD video production & editing, SMS marketing & mobile website applications, public relations, & advertising services.

    25,000 Likes core principles are: establishing long-lasting relationships that are built with trust, emphasizing the value of service, and deliver-ing the most innovative and out of the box strategies to elevate partners. We are dedicated to implementing marketing strategies with the eccentric design of gamification to bring your company to the cutting-edge of your industry. 25,000 Likes will partner with your business to offer marketing services, strategy, and design that will expose you beyond the given com-petitors and drive customers to your products.


    We work for companies on the array of industries that vary from pro athletes, new upcoming music artists, yoga studios, law firms, and all the way to mom and pop businesses. We develop our services to fit your business and budget, our methods have proven results to show that the realm of social media will be beneficial for your company to easily grow towards success.

    With our brilliant ideas and your amazing company, Lets get the ball rolling!

    Service Offerings:

    Strategic Integrated Branding Solutions Website Design and Development Social Media Marketing and Management Content Creation Social Media Design and Programing Public Relations and Media Relation Services Advertising Coordination (traditional and web) HD Video Production Email Marketing Campaigns Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Site analytics reporting and support Online Reputation Monitoring Social Media Promotion Campaigns Mobile Web Design SMS Marketing (help sell products through text/ SMS) E-Commerce to sell products online


    Social Media Management Program 25,000 Likes will use the power of social media to drive existing and new clients to all social media pages including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reverbnation. Through a consistent and deeply strategized social media campaign, we will develop strong and positive consumer awareness and visibility for your company. All of these services will result in driving more traffic to the website to create loyalty and attract new followers.

    Your company will be assigned a dedicated Social Media Strategist and Account Manager. The Social Media Strategist will work with you during the discovery and planning phase to construct a comprehensive designed time frame for social media content development and strategic marketing tactics to fit with your companys goals and message branding. The Social Media Strategist will use this time frame as an outlined plan to develop the strategic method of content creation in combination with the use of gamification to compose original ideas and text that are relevant to your company. We ensure that this process of development will focus on tactics designed to engage, educate, inform, and entertain. With gamification we make the consumer experience pleasurable and build the concept that the customer is connected to the company and feels involved. With this tactic the consumer will want more of your product at the end of the day. Our gamification strategy is designed to leverage your social media channels to increase followers, social interactions, and positive experiences with trusted authority.

    How We Get The Ball Rolling!Facebook Wall Post Your Social Media Strategist will research and post relevant and interest-

    ing topics on your Facebook at least two times a day on target with the strategy and planned time frame.


    Gamification For Facebook Your Social Media Strategist will create Facebook events when necessary

    and invite contacts. We will also manage and promote specials, promo-tions, sweepstakes, trivia, group deals, coupons, and contests across all social media platforms in a strategic gamification manner. This consis-tently keeps customers, fans, and followers feeling pleasantly interested and involved.

    Facebook Interactions Your Social Media Strategist will reach out to other Facebook pages and

    interact with them, like other relevant pages and reply to comments to help bring people back to your Facebook page. This process will increase your page likers and along with having a great design page will guaran-tee that your Facebook likers are relevant and interested in your compa-ny. We will also respond to fan feedback and questions daily when they occur.

    Twitter Interactions Your Specialist will retweet interesting topics back to your audience,

    interact with specific users, and send direct messages to new followers asking them to LIKE your page on Facebook or promoting a contest or deal of that week. This is important to maintain interaction to stimulate activity and keep your company constantly in the mind of the users.

    Pinterest Boards Your Social Media Strategist will create two unique boards a month with

    a minimum amount that will be sufficient to your company with relevant pins on each board. Pinterest is used to pin each photo on your website and tag each photo pin with your keywords and website URL. A new wave of social media has opened the idea for users to be artistically collective in their interests and gives an outlet for expressional freedom. For your company it provides an opportunity for an effective fun filled method of promotion.


    Social Media Technology Updates as Needed Social media is CONSTANTLY changing. From Facebook introducing SSL

    requirements to tabs, which removed all non-compliant branding to changing the Wall to the Timeline and Twitter changing their page style guidelines, there will always be technology updates required with social networks. It is important to stay on top of the latest trends and what your audience desires in technological improvements that make their lives easier and stimulating. The Social Media Strategist will focus on this when designing strategies for your company in this ever-changing progressive industry. 25,000 Likes will make all necessary changes in the background ensuring your networks always look fresh and active with followers.

    Social Media Encouragement and Support All social media initiatives are only successful if we have you on board

    with understanding the importance of our social media strategies and give us support from the entirety of your organization. We will train you and your staff to like posts or add comments as yourself, not the page, to further interactions. It is also important to share posts from your busi-ness page onto your personal pages to extend the network beyond your business page and contribute to a faster way in spreading the excellence of your company.

    The Hard Facts: Reporting & Analytics We value to consistently measure the metrics to see how your social me-

    dia campaigns are running using a system of reporting tools. This allows us to reevaluate the strategy each week to make sure we are hitting a consistent increase in followers, interactions and sharing of your content. 25,000 Likes will track audience growth and engagement across all of your social properties. It is vital to see how you stack up amongst com-petitors and develop new ways to outperform them smartly. Monitoring methods will allow your company to be informed of meaningful trends and activit thats relevant to your social presence.


    Social Media Setup and Design Services 25,000 Likes will provide a design team that will design all of the social media pages to complement and enhance the branding as displayed on your website. With the initiative to maintain a consistency in portraying the companys identity. The setup and design process create all of the necessary accounts on all the s