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Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals

Century PresentationsJanice Thorpe, M.A.Tips and Tools for Better Storytelling21stPresenting in the 21st Century

What is different about presenting now as opposed to 10, 15 years ago?

Since TV, each successive generation has become more visually focused 21st century speakers must recognize this increasing visual orientation. We are accustomed to information packaged with high resolution and high speed graphics

EX. - Millenials and smaller screen size.

Whats your experience with visuals and presentations as a presenter and an audience member?

Here are the top five annoyances along with the percentage of respondents that selected them as one of their top three:The speaker read the slides to us 73.8%Full sentences instead of bullet points 51.6%The text was so small I couldnt read it 48.1%Slides hard to see because of color choice 34.0%Overly complex diagrams or charts 26.0%

Set the stage for whats to come

Audiences expect more

Focus is your audience and how you can meet their needs Your are the main event 12the new world of digitized video, photography and art, and the old world of telling stories.digital storytelling combines the best of two worlds: new worldold worldNot a string of bullet point slides

Trouble comes from taking your outline (content) and dropping it into a slide Wrong!This is a presenter focused approach, not an audience centered approachBullets points are for the presenter cue cards NOT the audience.

What is an audience centered approach?EX RV movie Robin Williams takes over from Laird America can fall in love with something all over again.

Need to think differently!Must insert visualization into your process!

What does this mean? Digital Storytelling show quote

Next slide provides better example of the difference between Presenter centered and Audience Centered visuals


3What information are you representing with written word, that could be replaced with a photograph?

Text vs. Images

Not all need images Some work fine with only images but most require a combination

Text on the slides as the DATAVisual images as the Emotional Impact

Tell me the statistics on women impacted by domestic violence, but show me a woman at a safe house. Combine wisely

Begin to change thinking of the Speech Making Process

34DesignAnimationVisualizationAdding a step to the traditional format.

Must keep your audiences needs/expectations in mind during all phases, including this one.

Seeing comes before words!Most people remember :10% of what they hear20% of what they read3040% of what they see6070% of what they see and hear.


5 Not Decoration-Nancy DuarteStrive for Design21st Century Presentations8/7/2012What is the difference between Design and Decoration?Visual Aids cannot be the last thought, it must come earlier in the process.

Link to -4 minute Duarte video

If your audience comes away talking about the design (good or bad), not the message, youve failed to communicate effectively.

Lets look at 5 BASIC design components5

www.flickr.comBrainstorm8/7/2012Technology in Presentations 7Identify a Central Idea

www.Austin Kleon.com8/7/2012Technology in Presentations 8Chunk your thoughts-Remember your time limits

8Design Storyboards

www.flickr.com8/7/2012Technology in Presentations 998/7/2012Technology in Presentations10ProximityAlignmentSimplicityRepetitionContrastVisual DesignSimplicity

Less is better Do not write out what youre going to say.

Contrast =- means difference- what we notice , gives a design its energyManipulate space color choices, positioning of elements.

Repetition- reusing the same or similar elements. Brings unity/consistency/cohesiveness.

Alignment- nothing should look random

ProximityMoving things closer or farther to achieve more organized look.

A good visual will enhance your message. Lets look at examples of each of these. beginning with Simplicity


8/7/2012Technology in Presentations11When designing screens of text and graphics, it is important to keep in mind the way people read. The reader's eye is attracted either to the most brightly or only colored object on the page and will then follow reading gravity. That is, it will wander down the page roving between text and graphics. In order to not transcend reading gravity, it is important that the most important object (and therefore the most eye-catching) is placed in the top half of the screen. All other text and graphics will be placed in a "z-pattern" in the bottom two thirds of the screen.

Lots of GOOD empty space white space

Picture Superiority Effect applies after more than 30 seconds exposure Improves recognition and recall

What information are you representing with written word, that could be replaced with a photograph


8/7/2012Much less clutter12

8/7/2012Same here good use of contrast


8/7/2012148/7/2012Technology in Presentations15

Tell me the statistics on obesity, but show me a picture Combine wisely

After Simplicity, and using images wisely comes the four principles of slide design


158/7/2012Technology in Presentations16Your points jumps out without a lot of talk or bullets


8/7/201217Technology in PresentationsThe bigger the contrast between the background and the foreground colors, the easier it is to see.Dark blue backgrounds and bright yellow text can be seen clearly because of the relevant contrast differences

The color make the point because of the Contrast USA bar is clearly dominant

Could animate this for even further clarity Discuss individually before discussing as a group.178/7/201218

Repetition8/7/201219REPETITION - What do you notice about each slide?

Reusing the same or similar elements Brings unity /consistenc/ycohesiveness

Templates provide automatically but not too much templates are overused.198/7/2012 20AlignmentALIGNMENT-Nothing should look random. Elements are connected visually. Slides look less sophisticated/less professional

Alignment can also be used for emphasis208/7/2012Technology in Presentations 21

ProximityWhat goes with what?

PowerPoint 2007 Design Principles Study Guide22Before the final bullet appears, ask students why we would want to be concerned about grouping. What is the purpose of grouping?

Goal is to group visual items that have related functions or meaningsProximity creates groups Space separates groups

238/7/2012Proximity can also be used for emphasis

What goes with what? 23

PowerPoint 2007 Design Principles Study Guide24What suggestions would you offer regarding grouping?Tips from.the kitchen (needs to be grouped together)

Things that belong together should be next to each other otherwise, they are difficult to understand.

8/7/2012Technology in Presentations25It is important to drink more waterYou should read more books People should smile and laugh moreFamily and friends are the most important things

New Years Resolutions

Often what you might see from a beginning speaker

Whats wrong here?

Not enough contrast between background and text. Not Parallel in wording and Boring!

Stupid Clip ART

Contrast means different What we notice Gives a design its energy Make sure one item is clearly dominant258/7/2012Technology in Presentations26Drink more waterRead more books Smile and laugh moreFamily and friends are the most important thingsNew Years Resolutions

Better Bullets buildColors more complementaryLess text

Still not parallel though2627What are Your Resolutions?8/7/2012TRANSITION: Lets move now to specific topography issues.278/7/2012Technology in Presentations28132Text TipsMany things to think about, but these are the biggest 3

288/7/2012Technology in Presentations29Use Sans SerifHelvetica, Calibri, and Arial

Avoid Serif*Times New Roman

Text TipsFontsChoosing Typesize/ FontsSome of the fundamental principles of print media can be transferred to electronic media, particularly the use of all capitals and the use of underscore.

Many presenters consider that capitals are bigger and are therefore easier to read, but the exact opposite is true.

All capitals are considered to be a typographic sin (Endersby, 1993) as they reduce reading speed by 12% (Marcus, 1992:35) Use up 30% more space than proportionally spaced characters. Major problem with capitals is that the shape and color of the words become identical unlike lower case.


The size of the type is also essential for legibility and there is a general rule of thumb that it should not be less than 18 pts, although 24 pts or 28 pts is certainly better and the heading should be the next incremental size up (Talman, 1992:149).

When designing slides, you should consider how much text is going to be on the slides and try to cut out non-essential words and phrases. Serif fonts IF large enough can be used. (Garamond

298/7/2012Technology in Presentations30

8/7/2012Technology in Presentations31Too CloseToo Far Away


One little fishy went to the market.Two little fishies stayed home.One little fishy ate bean soup.The blue little fishies ate none.One little fishy went to the market.Two little fishies stayed home.One little fishy ate bean soup.The blue little fishies ate none.Text TipsBulletsUsing proximity and alignment with text as well.318/7/2012Technology in Pres