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Join Dan Wilhelms, president of Symmetry Corporation, as he discusses a new business model for managing your outsourced SAP support. Whether you have turned to outsourcing to augment in-house staffing or to take full control of your SAP environment, you have probably run up against the limitations of traditional support models.There has always been a trade-off between access to support in a crisis, cost, and service quality.Domestic consultants on short term contracts are exorbitantly expensive, and still face challenges when it comes to knowledge gaps and accessibility. SAP is complicated and one person cant be expected to know everything or be available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.Time zone differences, call center queues, and the lack of knowledge transfer between new consultants as your support ticket "follows the sun" have earned off-shoring a reputation (whether deserved or not) of being the cheap and nasty alternative.Communications and SAP related technologies have changed since these models were developed. Your budget has changed. So why havent your SAP support options changed?


  • 1. 21st Century ERP IT in the New World February 17, 2010 Dan Wilhelms President Symmetry
  • 2. Download the presentation recording with audio from the Symmetry Knowledge Center www.sym-corp.com/knowledge-center
  • 3. About Symmetry Symmetry delivers flexible, high quality solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership and enable high-performing, secure, stable SAP environments Established in 1996 Based in Milwaukee, WI. Implementation Support 100% focus on SAP technology We provide lifecycle support for: Upgrades & SAP Certified Any SAP application Project s Hosting Any platform combination Symmetry offers an alternative to traditional support services: Quality Basis SAP Security Affordability Administration Accessibility
  • 4. Introducing Dan Wilhelms President Symmetry Corporation
  • 5. Agenda Challenges for IT in the 21st Century Yesterdays Alternatives Todays Opportunities A Call for Change The Manifesto for 21st Century ERP service A New Definition of Quality Access and Communication Attitude Technical Skills A Business Approach to Managing SAP systems The Hosting Option Recipe for Winning ERP in the 21st Century
  • 6. Challenges for IT in the 21st Century IT no longer the darling business sector 30 year love affair with IT ended badly Miracle initiatives became expensive boon doggles Y2K Dot bomb era Cost of maintaining existing applications exorbitant IT losing its strategic seat in the boardroom IT increasingly viewed as a cost center instead of the engine of competitive advantage Reduction in CIO positions IT moved under CFO as administrative
  • 7. Challenges for IT in the 21st Century (cont) Internal IT organizations are stressed Year 2000, 2002 and 2009 recessions saw IT staffing pared to a minimum Surviving IT staff Overwhelmed, under trained, under appreciated Dont come to management for money Maintenance and upgrades deferred New initiatives scrutinized like never before No resources for driving innovation Distrust, animosity between IT and business units My management told me to just keep the lights on and well start talking about projects next year
  • 8. Changing Face of Internal SAP Staffing Original SAP implementation teams dispersed Moved back to business units Moved on Original integrator gone - with pleasure 2nd generation phenomena New to SAP discovery that SAP isnt just another app on the net Didnt live through the original implementation Fighting the competency gap every day No preparation for the world of nuance and application specific knowledge needed for SAP Our long time Basis admin retired. Were trying to cross train our networking guy into SAP, but theres a lot to learn
  • 9. Challenges for IT in the 21st Century (cont) IT integrators have ill-served the rapidly changing needs of their clients Clinging to traditional full-time, on-site time & materials consulting Resume and a rate Market flooded by contractors competing mostly on price Lack of accountability caveat emptor Fraud of empowerment
  • 10. Challenges for IT in the 21st Century (cont) IT integrators have ill-served the rapidly changing needs of their Clients SAP integrator solutions in reality a cobbled up mix of: Brokered-in, lowest bidder independent contractors Project Managers more focused on margins than results Untenable mixes of on-site and off-shore resourcing Unrealistic timeframes and deliverables Liberal overage charges project overruns Our integrator had a Basis consultant on-site for 6 months. Our systems were a mess and there were constant communications issues. We couldnt wait for them to leave
  • 11. Challenges for IT in the 21st Century (cont) IT hosting vendors have been no better Defensive, SLA based service Focus on minimal performance objectives Reactive, trouble-ticket based service Well fix it after its broken Endless nickel & dime incremental charges You pay for escalations Impersonal, luck of the draw support A new stranger every 8 hours in far flung call centers Death by change control Inflexible, single speed responsiveness - slow
  • 12. Yesterdays Alternatives Traditional options for SAP Support Internal support Limited head count Limited breadth of knowledge Human limitations turn-over, sick leave, vacations, etc Fighting the competency gap every day Domestic integrators On-going operational support a sideline, at best Original consultants moved on Support provided When I get back to my hotel No business model for effective internal escalation Expensive, hourly rate based If its not a full time, 6 month, on-site consulting engagement, my integrator doesnt want to talk to me
  • 13. Yesterdays Alternatives Traditional options for SAP support Offshore support Hourly rate is half of the equation Language, time zone and continuity of care issues Hosting vendors Non-SAP centric Well support any app! Shared infrastructure means compromised service Pricing models out of date with modern technology My management sees the hourly rate, but I see the job taking at least twice as long with twice the hassle. Wheres the win?
  • 14. SAP Customers Faced with a Dilemma Staffing an internal world-class SAP technical support organization is not feasible Especially for SMEs, expecting 24 x 7 coverage from a lone, 8 x 5 SAP administrator is not viable Burn-out Competition for employment Lack of expertise in best practices for SAP administration Developing broad, deep internal expertise on all facets for SAP Management bandwidth for overseeing arcane SAP technical operations Competence, time commitment, hassle factor SAP technical (Basis) administrators too often high maintenance, prima donnas
  • 15. SAP Customers Faced with a Dilemma Out-sourcing or out-tasking to traditional IT vendors is not feasible Not cost effective Support from far flung strangers problematic at best Lack of continuity in a crisis Endless incremental charges We were down. Our users were up in arms. And every few hours I had to re-explain our issue and re-establish connectivity to yet another stranger
  • 16. Todays Opportunities 21st century connectivity Ubiquitous high speed, private wide area networking Costs plummeting Server and infrastructure technology better, faster, cheaper SAP servers half the the cost twice the performance of just 3 years ago Redundancy and embedded fail-over baked-in Everything moving to common browser interface Apps on demand Access anywhere, no longer tied to the desktop PC