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2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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How does a weekend filled with barbeque, bands, bicycles and beverages sound to you? On August 1 and 2, the City of Asheboro will play host to the first annual Pigs & Pedals event in downtown Asheboro. The event will include a Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned barbeque cooking competition with competitors vying for a $12,000 purse and the annual Criterium bike race in which cyclists from across the state and the region come to Asheboro and compete on a closed circuit course along the streets of Downtown.


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2014 Pigs & PedalsEvent Magazine

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What’s in Your Heart?What’s in Your Heart?

Asheboro, Home of the North Carolina Zoo

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4 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

Letter From the Editor

I am pleased to bring you this special magazine highlighting the upcoming Pigs &

Pedals's event, as well as showcasing other fun things to do in and around Asheboro and Randolph County while you are here.

How does a weekend fi lled with barbeque, bands, bicycles and beverages sound to you? On August 1 and 2, the City of Asheboro will play host to the fi rst annual Pigs & Pedals event in downtown Asheboro. The event will include a Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned barbeque cooking competition with competitors vying for a $12,000 purse by cooking up chicken, pork ribs, pork and beef brisket. The city expects approximately 40-45 competitive teams to be in attendance at the event.

Pigs & Pedals is held in conjunction with the annual Criterium bike race in which cyclists from across the state and the region come to Asheboro and compete on a closed circuit course along the streets of N. Fayetteville St., Worth St., S. Cox St. and E. Academy St. The races begin at 9 a.m. and end with a pro, 1, 2 race at 4 p.m. Throughout the event, men and women of all ages compete in the bike racing. The Criterium is sponsored by the Asheboro-Randolph Chamber of Commerce and is in its fourth year in downtown Asheboro.

We hope that once you discover all Asheboro and Randolph County has to offer, you will come back and visit often.

Take Care,


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Disclaimer: The paid advertisements contained within the 2014 Pigs & Pedals Magazine are not endorsed or recommended by the Publisher. Therefore, neither party may be held liable for the business practices of these companies.

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6 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

Letter From the Mayor


As Mayor, I’m excited to share with you an invitation to enjoy our Pigs & Pedals event in uptown Asheboro on August 1st and 2nd.

The weekend event features a KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) professional cooking competition, closed course bicycle racing (Criterium), the Keith King Bicycle Stunt Show, the Castaways, the Part-Time Party-Time Band and lots of food and beverages.

Please join us for a fun and exciting weekend in uptown Asheboro. It’s just one more reason that Asheboro is exactly where you want to be.

Mayor David Smith

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8 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

Summer is almost over and soon kids will be going back to school. But there is still a lot to go wild about at the North

Carolina Zoo during the month of August.


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asheboromagazine.com. 9

Making a Roar about Lion AwarenessDuring World Lion Day, August

9th, enjoy zookeeper talks which will allow people to learn about majestic lions at the zoo and get the scoop about lion conservation in the wild.

There will be several activities at the N.C. Zoo on World Lion Day designed to provide entertainment while raising awareness for lions. Activities start at 11 a.m. in the zoo’s Africa region and include: zoo keepers tossing a large bone into

the lion exhibit so kids can get an idea how a lion eats its prey in the wild, a long jump activity will show kids how far lions can leap and let them compare their own leaping skills to lions, a roaring activity will help kids understand how loud a lion can get in the wild, along with these activities and kids will also be able to make crafts and receive gifts. With the number of lions dramatically declining in the wild, participating in World Lion Day is one way the N.C. Zoo staff raise awareness. Since last year the zoo has partnered with the Ruaha National Park in Africa to help conserve lions. Through the partnership, members of the N.C. Zoo’s conservation and research department were able to donate mobile devices called CyberTrackers to the Ruaha Carnivore Project which allows park rangers in Africa to track and log data about lions. “That’s important because it helps to determine how lions are spending their time, it prevents confl ict and monitors the lion population. Poison is an issue over there. Some people put pesticides on dead cows, not only do lions eat the poison, but so do other animals like coyotes,” said Corinne Kendall, Assistant Curator of Conservation and Research at the N.C. Zoo.

by Gavin K. Johnson

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10 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

It’s a Birthday Party and You’re Invited!

One of the North Carolina Zoo’s oldest residents is turning 40! C’sar a male African elephant will celebrate his 40th birthday and zoo visitors are invited. The celebration takes place on August 16th at 11 a.m. at the zoo’s Elephant Exhibit.

During the festivities kids can make crafts, sign C’sar’s birthday card and everyone can witness

the more than 12-thousand pound elephant eat his cake. The birthday boy arrived at the N.C. Zoo in 1978 when he was just four years old. Not only is C’sar one of the most recognizable animals at the zoo, he is also the oldest elephant. His birthday celebration coincides with the official 40th anniversary of the N.C. Zoo

“It’s a great coincidence, we’re turning 40 and so is he. He is a

Page 11: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

asheboromagazine.com. 11

very large piece of our collection in more ways than one,” said Guy Lichty, Zoo Curator of Mammals.

Since nearly 100 wild elephants are killed every day by poachers in Africa, zoo keepers are not just using C’sar’s birthday as a celebration, but as a way to inform people about the plight of elephants in the wild.

“As ambassadors for their wild counterparts, animals like C’sar provide us with an opportunity to shed light on conservation issues in their range countries,” added Lichty.

Buggin’ Out at the N.C. Zoo The North Carolina Zoo is

“buggin” out and it will continue through October. An attraction called “Bugs an Epic Adventure,” is making people crawl with excitement.

The exhibit features a variety of

live invertebrates from around the world including the Chinese mantis, patent leather beetle, Madagascar hissing cockroach, Vietnamese giant centipede, emperor scorpion, Texas giant millipede, rose hair tarantula, giant bird eating spider and more. These species gives people the opportunity to learn about unusual creatures which make up 96% of animal life on earth.

“Our guests love being able to get up close with several types of live invertebrates in the unique Bug Dome. Even our visitors that are not bug fans find the variety interesting and enjoy discovering more about the role of these animals by talking with the staff within the exhibit,” said Steve Gerkin, Education Program Coordinator at the N.C. Zoo.

“Bugs an Epic Adventure,” also allows people to come eye-to-

Page 12: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

12 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

antenna with GIANT animatronic bugs. The animatronic creatures include a Mexican red- knee tarantula measuring nearly 30 feet across with its striking black and gold coloration and long hairy legs. Other large animatronic critters include the giant devil’s flower mantis, stag beetle, blue-eyed darner, black ant, seven spot ladybug, emperor scorpion, bombardier beetle, orb web spider, Madagascar sunset moth, red tailed bumblebee, Says’ firefly and grasshopper.

“The 13 animatronic bugs in the exhibit are very accurate in their details and amazing to see at such a grand size,” said Gerkin.

Whether it is a special event or exhibit when visitors come to the N.C. Zoo they will always have fun while learning at the same time.

Page 13: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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14 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

Caraway AplacasTour this working alpaca farm and on-site resource and learning center where you can interact with these farm animals including feeding and petting. Retail shop on site features handmade alpaca fi ber products. 1079 Jarvis Miller Road, Asheboro; 336.629.6767

Deep River Rail TrailExplore the beauty and priceless history of the Deep River on the Deep River Rail Trail. This 3/4-mile trail created by the old railroad bed makes it convenient for a variety of recreational activities including biking, jogging, and fi shing along the river's edge. The trail is rich with textile history and sites linked to Native Americans and the Revolutionary War. The Deep River Rail Trail runs adjacent to the Deep River State Trail, a unit of the North Carolina state parks system that includes a paddle trail that runs through Guilford, Randolph, Chatham, Moore, and Lee counties. 435 Rising Sun Way, Franklinville

Millstone Creek OrchardsTour this working orchard, a u-pick farm offering blue and blackberries, peaches, grapes, apples, pumpkins, and pecans; and home of the Apple Barn Country Store. Fresh apple cider made daily during fall months. Bakery and cannery on site. Private tours, birthday parties, and special events available. Gift/retail shop on site. 506 Parks Crossroads Church Road, Ramseur; 336.824.5263

Pisgah Covered BridgeExplore this interesting structure, one of North Carolina's two remaining historic covered bridges. Built in 1911 at a cost of $40, the bridge is 54 feet in length and crosses the West Fork Branch of the Little River within the Uwharrie National Forest. A great spot for photography, picnics and nature walks along the surrounding quarter-mile walking trail. Picnic tables and public parking available.6925 Pisgah Covered Bridge Road, Asheboro, NC

(cont. on page 18)

� ings to See and Do in Randolph County

Pisgah Covered Bridge

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16 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

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Page 18: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

(cont. from page 14)Richard Petty MuseumRace into this museum showcasing the unparalleled success story of one of the founding families of stock car racing, their drive for engineering excellence, and the technical inventiveness, innovation and ingenuity that made it all possible. The Petty Museum preserves the heritage of Petty Engineering and Petty Enterprises, a family business having a fundamental formative infl uence on American motorsports and on automotive design, construction, and safety. Cars, trophies and awards honoring the Petty Family are showcased throughout. Gift shop on site. 311 Branson Mill Road, Randleman (Level Cross); 336.495.1143

Richland Creek ZipLine Canopy TourExperience the thrill and excitement

of a lifetime on Richland Creek ZipLine Canopy Tour. With 14 ziplines on 1 1/4 miles of cable, the longest line at 1,400 feet in length, three sky bridges, one swinging bridge, and a water feature, you will fl y through the forest along Richland Creek at the base of Purgatory Mountain. Voted a Top 100 Expo Adventure in 2010 and received 2014 TripAdvisor Certifi cate of Excellence. 2728 Fairview Road, Asheboro; 336.736.5623

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Zimmerman Vineyards

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Page 20: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

Renovated Historic Sunset Theatre

Drum Circle - Downtown AsheboroRichland Creek Zip Line

NC Zoo

Asheboro Municipal Airport

Page 21: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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Page 22: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine
Page 23: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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24 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

Mike’s offers authentic Chicago style hot dogs, Polish Sausage and Italian Beef.Cool off with an Iced Cold Beer or Dippin’ Dots Available for Patrons of Pigs & Pedals

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Page 25: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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26 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine26 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

AUGUST 30 - THE ZOMBIE MUD RUN 5KThis Zombie Run is the original zombie-infested 5K fun run. Kersey Valley Attractions, 1615 Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale; 336.431.1700

SEPTEMBER 6 - FRANKLINVILLE DEEP RIVER FESTIVALCelebrate the end of summer with live music, crafts, games, and food along the banks of the Deep River in Downtown Franklinville; 163 W Main St, Franklinville; 336.824.2604

SEPTEMBER 13 - 29TH ANNUAL BUSH HILL HERITAGE FESTIVALStreet festival with music, food, crafts, classic cars/trucks/tractors/motorcycles; and quilt import car shows; Hwy 62/N Main Street, Archdale; 336.434.2073

SEPTEMBER 26 – 27 - LIBERTY ANTIQUES FESTIVAL400 dealers from more than 25 states pack this 100-acre farm; 2855 Pike Farm Road, Staley; 336.622.3041

SEPTEMBER 28 - GOAT LADY DAIRY OPEN FARM DAYTour Goat Lady's dairy and organic gardens, meet the goats and chickens, and learn about sustainable agriculture; 3515 Jess Hackett Road, Climax, NC; 336.824.2163

OCTOBER 4 – 5 - 42ND ANNUAL ASHEBORO FALL FESTIVALStreet fair, bazaar, harvest celebration, and homecoming held annually in downtown Asheboro; 123 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro; 336.629.0399

OCTOBER 11 - 9TH ANNUAL RUN TO VICTORY | HALF MARATHON & 5K RUN/WALK EVENTThis 5K event route is primarily fl at with rolling hills throughout rural Randleman; Victory Junction Camp,

5467 Fred Lineberry Road, Randleman; 336.495.2013

OCTOBER 18 - 25TH ANNUAL RAMSEUR FALL FESTIVAL - A DAY ON MAIN STREETAnnual downtown festival; 1544 Main Street, Ramseur, NC; 336.824.8530

OCTOBER 24-25 - RANDOLPH RAMBLE - ART STUDIO TOUREnjoy the fall colors of October in central North Carolina. Visitors will take a free self-driving tour to visit local artists' studios; Sat, 10 am - 5 pm; Sun, 1 - 4 pm; 336.629.0399

OCTOBER 25 - 26TH ANNUAL NASCAR DAY FESTIVALCelebrate the heritage of NASCAR Legend Richard Petty and his family in downtown Randleman. Richard Petty will sign autographs from 5 to 7 pm. Open from 9 am to 6 pm; 102 W Naomi Street, Randleman

NOVEMBER 22 – 23 - 33RD ANNUAL SEAGROVE POTTERY FESTIVALFeaturing potters market, auction of signed and dated pottery, demonstrations, and food vendors; 528 Old Plank Road, Seagrove; 336.873.7887

DECEMBER 5 - ASHEBORO CHRISTMAS PARADECome to Downtown Asheboro for an old-fashioned Christmas parade holiday fl oats, carolers, & marching bands; Asheboro; 336.626.2626

DECEMBER 12 - CHRISTMAS ON SUNSET IN ASHEBOROChristmas event showcasing downtown Asheboro's beautifully decorated shops; carolers, hot cider sipping, special nativity story, horse drawn carriage and wagon rides, and gifts for the children from Santa and his elves; Asheboro; 336.626.2626

DECEMBER 26 – 27, 29 - 16TH ANNUAL BANK OF THE CAROLINAS JV HOLIDAY CLASSICMore than 60 teams participate in this tournament is now the largest JV basketball tournament in the U.S. call David Cross, 336.953.2344 for details.

Randolph County Upcoming Special Events

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28 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

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30 PIgs & Pedals Event Magazine

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Page 31: 2014 Pigs & Pedals Event Magazine

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