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Created for Palm Springs Public Library's teen program - "The 2nd Annual Zombie Awareness Month Event." Includes links to videos (YouTube) to supplement slides. Covers history of zombies, zombies myths in other cultures, and how to prepare for a zombie outbreak.


  • 1. By Shelly LongoriaTeen Services LibrarianMay 2012

2. Every culture creates its own version of Zombies. They dont all want your brains. 3. orp se. at ed c manians l y metual E ac MBIwor d ZOeWhich type might YOU encounter? 4. Original zombies come from the Haitian Voodoo religion.In that culture, a zombie is a person who has their mind controlled by someone else and is working as a slave.There is no concept there of a zombie hoard taking over theworld and coming after the living. Voodoo evolved from Western African religion totallydifferent than what we think of as a zombie today. 5. Haitian Voodoo Priest, a BokorClick for video Voodoo Bokor suppliesAlleged Haitian zombie 6. China zombie is JiangShi hungry ghost returnsto attack & devour theliving in revenge for animproper burial.Arabia zombie is punishment forliving immoral life the Ghoul willcall people into the desert likemermaids/sirensthen eat them. 7. Scandanavia undead viking Draugr insatiable hunger for human flesh unstoppable warriors, knows what it is onlyway to stop it is to get it back into the ground.England Revenant 12th centuryEnglish Cleric was first zombiehunter William of Newburgh onewould not easily believe that corpseswould come out of their graves unlessthere were many cases supported by ample testimony. 8. How did we get to our concept of modern zombies in the USA? Click for video 9. Soif or WHEN the zombie plague comes HOW WILL WE SURVIVE? Click for video