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Knowledge is power in sexual assault prevention


  • SHUTTLEtheUSS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Monday, April 18, 2011


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    Awareness Month

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    Enterprise NewsSHUTTLE

    By USS Enterprise Public Affairs

    USS ENTERPRISE, At sea Many Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) are familiar with the Navys zero tolerance policy for drug use, but another crime is reported in the Navy an average of 444 times per year: sexual assault. April is the Navys Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and this gives Enterprise Sailors and Marines an opportunity to focus its attention on the seriousness of alleviating this sexual assault and to ensure the Navys core values of honor, courage and commitment are maintained. Sexual assault is a very serious issue. Any incident goes against the mission we work toward every day and will not be tolerated on board this ship, said Capt. Dee L. Mewbourne, Enterprises commanding officer. The effects of sexual assault dont just affect one person - they reverberate throughout Enterprise, affecting shipmates, friends and families. Aboard Enterprise, Chief Air-Traffic Controller Marzetta Garland serves as the ships point of contact to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

    (SARC). Together with her team of Victim Advocates (VA), she ensures sexual assault victims receive the immediate support needed to cope with the emotional and physical trauma should an incident occur. My goal is to ensure that each and every victim receives all the support they need, said Garland. We will remain with the victim until either the case has been resolved, or they feel they no longer need support. Every member of team Enterprise receives sexual assault prevention response training during the ships indoctrination program to ensure they know the commands policy on sexual assault and what to do if they or someone they know fall victim. In my opinion the reason Enterprise only has a few cases is due to its extensive training program. Sailors are not just exposed to sexual assault training in indoctrination, but they are also getting it from the ships Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator, said Garland. During training, Sailors learn of the two ways to report a sexual assault incident, restricted or unrestricted report. Restricted reporting is when the Sailor informs the SARC, a victims

    advocate, medical or the chaplain of the incident that occurred, and they can seek help and guidance needed without pursuing an investigation into the assault. Unrestricted reporting is when the member wants to pursue an investigation. If a member informs their chain of command of the incident, it is automatically considered an unrestricted report. No matter which

    reporting route Sailor chooses, its an all hands effort to combat this crime and look out for their shipmates if they are a victim or bystander of an incident. If you or someone you know if affected by sexual assault, please talk to the SARC, Medical Department or the Chaplain to ensure you receive the help and support you need.

    Knowledge is power in sexual assault prevention

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    Photos by MCSN Jesse L. Gonzalez

    Sailors of the DayShips Serviceman Seaman Latoya Wilcox - Miami, Florida

    SHSN Wilcox, a QA auditor and cosmetologist assigned to Supplys S-10 division, joined the Navy two-and-a-half years ago to travel, see the world and earn benefits for college. To Wilcox, the most rewarding aspects of her job are learning about all aspects of Supply department through her QA job and meeting new people from different divisions. Wilcox is working hard to earn her ESWS and EAWS pins and make E-4. After her naval career is over, she aspires to open her own hair salon in Atlanta. During her spare time, Wilcox enjoys doing hair, cooking and spending time with her family.

    IT2 Price, a CAG day watch workcenter supervisor assigned to the Dragonslayers of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 11, joined the Navy three-and-a-half years ago to serve his country and stand up for what I believe in and make a difference. To Price, the most rewarding aspect of his job is troubleshooting and fixing the most obscure technical issues. Price plans on finishing his EAWS qualifications and reenlisting for another four years in the Navy after finishing his first deployment as a Dragonslayer. Price enjoys listening to music and watching horror movies in his free time.

    Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Ian K. Price - Albemarle, North Carolina

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