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    2007-2008 Supreme Court Preview: ContentsInstitute of Bill of Rights Law at The College of William & Mary School of Law

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    What to Expect

    From the New Term

    September 14-16, 2007

  • 2007-2008 Supreme Court Preview

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  • 2007-2008 Supreme Court Preview

    Table of Contents

    Schedule of Events p. i

    Who's Who on the Panels p. n1


    In This Section:

    Military Commissions and Enemy Combatants

    "Justices Reject Gitmo Tribunals" p. 3Joan Biskupic and Laura Parker

    "Analysis: Constitutional Issues, Post-Hamdan" p. 5Lyle Denniston

    "What Rights for Terrorists? Hamdan v. Rumsfeld" p. 7Glen Sulmasy and John Yoo

    "Will the Supreme Court Shackle New Tribunal Law?" p. 10Warren Richey

    "Guantanamo Back in the Courts" p. 14Corine Hegland

    "Circuit Puts Hamdan Case on Hold" p. 17Lyle Denniston

    "Senate Committee Approves Bill for Detainee Hearings" p. 18Josh White

    "Military Judges Dismiss Charges for 2 Detainees" p. 19William Glaberson


    "Judges Rule Against U.S. on Detained 'Combatant"' p. 22Carol D. Leonnig

    "Government Calls Al-Marri Ruling a Threat to Security" p. 24Lyle Denniston

  • "Impunity for al-Qaeda: The Implications of aBad Ruling on 'UnlawfulEnemy Combatants"' p. 26David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey

    "When 'Enemy Combatants' Aren't" p. 28Robyn Blumner

    NSA Wiretapping

    "Domestic Wiretaps Ruled OK" p. 30Henry Weinstein

    "Wiretap Subpoenas Prod Administration" p. 33Josh Meyer

    "Court to Oversee U.S. Wiretapping in Terror Cases" p. 36Eric Lichtblau and David Johnston


    The Guantanamo Detainees and the Military Commissions Act

    In This Section:

    New Case: 06-1195 Boumediene v. Bush; 06-1196 Al-Odah v. United States

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 40

    "Justices to Weigh Detainee Rights" p. 56Robert Barnes

    "Justices Reject Appeals at Guantanamo-For Now" p. 58Joan Biskupic

    "Risking Testy Justices and Faulty Justice" p. 60Adam Liptak


    In This Section:

    The Court

    "In Steps Big and Small, Supreme Court Moved Right" p. 64Linda Greenhouse

    "Roberts Steers Court Right Back to Reagan" p. 70Joan Biskupic

  • "Newest Justice Tips High Court to Right" p. 73Robert Barnes

    "Courting Controversy" p. 76Jeffrey Rosen

    "Five to Four" p. 78Jeffrey Toobin

    "The Bush Court" p. 81William Schneider

    "How Conservative Is This Court?" p. 83Jonathan H. Adler

    "Few See Balance in Court's Decisions" p. 86Robert Barnes and Jon Cohen

    "Conservative Justice: Forget the Promises-Roberts and AlitoDelivered High Court Ideology" p. 89Erwin Chemerinsky

    Justice Kennedy's Role

    "The Fragile Kennedy Court" p. 91The New York Times

    "Supreme Court Tilt to Right Has Its Limits" p. 93Warren Richey

    "The Impact of Fervent Dissent" p. 96Lyle Denniston

    "Justice Kennedy's Remarkable OT06" p. 98Jason Harrow

    "5-4 Decisions in OT06" p. 99Ben Winograd

    "The High Court's Danish Prince: Whether to Be or not to Bea Liberal or Conservative Majority, Kennedy Decides" p. 100David Savage

    "Supreme Leader-The Arrogance of Justice Anthony Kennedy" p. 103Jeffrey Rosen


    In This Section:

    New Case: 06-984 Medellin v. Texas

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 109

    "Supreme Court to Hear Appeal of Mexican Death Row Inmate" p. 125Linda Greenhouse

    "New Claim of Presidential Power" p. 127Lyle Denniston

    "CCA Plurality Says Bush Exceeded His Authority" p. 130Mary Alice Robbins

    "Texas Appeals Court Takes Bush to Task for Stepping in forForeign-Born Death Row Inmate" p. 133Michael Graczyk

    "Appeals of Mexicans on Death Row Rejected" p. 135Hope Yen

    "Justices Consider Rights of Foreigners" p. 136Charles Lane

    "Bush Orders Hearings for Mexicans on Death Row" p. 138David G. Savage

    "Mexicans on Death Row Win Review" p. 141Charles Lane

    "Death Term Upheld for 5th in Gang" p. 143Associated Press

    New Case: 06-694 United States v. Williams

    Synopsis and Question Presented p. 144

    "Justices Agree to Revisit Child Pornography Laws" p. 156Linda Greenhouse

    "Court First to Strike Pandering Provision of Child Porn Law" p. 158Alyson M Palmer

    "Struggle Continues to Write Laws that Protect Children Online" p. 161Stephen V. Treglia

  • New Case: 06-1322 Federal Exp. Corp. v. Holowecki

    Synopsis and Question Presented p. 166

    "FedEx Case Goes to Supreme Court-Justices Will HearDiscrimination Suit in October" p. 175Associated Press

    "2nd Circuit Rules Filing of EEOC Questionnaire Satisfied ADEAExhaustion Requirement" p. 176Lawyers Weekly USA Staff

    New Case: 06-637 Board ofEducation ofNew York v. Tom F.

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 177

    "'Unilateral' Placements Face Review" p. 188Education Week

    "Private Schooling for the Disabled, and the Fight Over Who Pays" p. 191Joseph Berger

    "Court Rejects Limit on Payment of Tuition for Disabled Students" p. 193Tom Perrotta

    "Special-Ed Ruling Benefits City" p. 195Julia Levy

    "Ex-MTV Big Takes on Schools" p. 197Erin Einhorn

    New Case: 06-856 LaRue v. DeWoff Boberg, & Associates

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 199

    "401(k) Case Could Boost Plan Fiduciaries' Liability" p. 205Sally Roberts

    "Invitation Brief in No. 06-856, LaRue v. DeWolff Boberg & Associates" p. 206Amy Howe

    "Dismissal of Granted ERISA Case Urged" p. 207Lyle Denniston

    New Case: 06-1221 Mendelsohn v. Sprint/United Management Company

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 209

  • "Workplace Bias Evidence Draws Supreme Court Scrutiny" p. 218Greg Stohr

    "Job Bias and "Me, too" Evidence" p. 219Lyle Denniston


    In This Section:

    New Case: 06-666 Dept. ofRevenue ofKY v. Davis

    Synopsis and Question Presented p. 224

    "Supreme Court to Address State Tax Breaks for Bonds" p. 229Linda Greenhouse

    "Ky. Ruling Would Lift Tax on Out-of-State Bonds" p. 231Tedra DeSue

    "Tax Report: Kentucky Suffers Setback in Muni-Bond Tax Case" p. 233Tom Herman

    "Treasurers' Group Urges Supreme Court to Hear Kentucky Case" p. 235Andrew Ackerman

    "Muni Bonds and the Commerce Clause After United Haulers" p. 237Ethan Yale and Brian Galle

    New Case: 06-179 Riegel v. Medtronic, Inc.

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 241

    "Supreme Court to Weigh Limits on Cases Involving Medical Devices" p. 255Stephen Labaton

    "510(k) Premarket Clearance Could Land Some Devicemakers in Court" p. 257Device and Diagnostic Letter

    "Second Circuit Review; News; Court Clarifies Right of Pre-Emptionin Medical Device Case" p. 259Martin Flumenbaum and Brad S. Karp

    New Case: 06-43 Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta

    Synopsis and Questions Presented p. 262

  • "Court to Consider 'Scheme Liability' in StoneRidge Suit AgainstMotorola, Scientific-Atlanta" p. 268Christopher S. Rugaber

    "US Lets Pass Deadline To Back Holders In High Court Case" p. 270Siobhan Hughes

    "Supreme Court Appears Set to Finally Clarify Concept of PrimaryLiability in Private Securities Fraud Actions" p. 272Todd Gordinier and Damian Moos

    "The Stoneridge Showdown-Securities Lawsuits" p. 274The Economist

    "Scientific-Atlanta Gets Securities Win" p. 276Alyson M. Palmer

    "Is 'Deceptive' Conduct OnlyMisstatements or Omissions" p. 279Jeff G. Hammel and Robert J. Malionek

    10(b) Secondary Actor Liability: High Court to Resolve" p. 283Sarah S. Gold and Richard L. Spinogatti

    "Government Wants Securities Liability Limited" p. 286Lyle Denniston

    New Case: 06-1265 Klein & Co. Futures, Inc. v. Board of Trade of the City ofNew York

    Synopsis and Questions P