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  • 1.Warrenville Baptist Church
    175th Celebration

2. 1834-1854
3. August 26, 1834:16 members from the 1stDuPage Baptist Church Located south of Naperville, IL broke away to form their own church in Warrenville, IL to be called 2ndDuPage Baptist Church.
4. We are the church
5. Daniel
6. Manius
7. Alfred
Sussanna Churchill
Images are only a representation
8. Dr. Israel S.P. Lord
Images are only a representation
9. Joseph Fish
Elizabeth Fish
Images are only a representation
10. Polly Lord
Philinda Warren
Betsy Fowler
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11. Abel Carpenter
Sarah Warren (Carpenter)
12. Letters were sent to sister churches inviting them to send Pastors and deacons to give fellowship as a sister church
For 2 years they functioned as The Warrenville Baptist Society
13. They met in the home of Daniel and Nancy Warren
14. 1834-1836
Elder Hubbard continued to minister to both 1st and 2ndDuPage Baptist churches until a pastor was assigned.
15. 1836, February 26:The 2ndDuPage Baptist Church received its Charter and was given the right hand of fellowship by the Northern Baptist Association of Chicago.
16. 1836-1838
Lyman D. King
First resident pastor assigned to DuPage Baptist Church. His term was filled with growth.
17. 1836-1838:The next several years the membership grew.
18. 1838:They started to meet in the school house located south of the mill on 3rd street.
19. 1838-1839
Daniel Graves
Pastor pro-tem: Members served the pulpit when no pastor was available
20. 1839-1841
Rev Hubbard
From the 1stDuPage Baptist in Naperville he exchanged places with Mr. King and served until he became ill. During his term members were pleased and at peace with one another.
21. 1841-1843
Joel Wheeler
Under his leadership there was real progress in the church.
He left, along with 10 members, to start a new church in the Big Woods area
22. 1843-1845
A.J. Joslyn
He was ordained in the Warrenville Church at the age of 23. He was considered a real mover in the Baptist organization and a tireless worker
23. 1838, Fall:Northern Baptist Associations 3rd Annual meeting was held in Warrenville, in the small school house
12 delegates met for the 2 day meeting which included Daniel Graves, pro tem, Abel Carpenter and Cornelius Jones from Warrenville
24. 1842,June:Northern Baptist Association introduced a need for a educational institution.
Rev. Wheeler proposed the that the new literary Institution be placed in Warrenville
25. 1842,Fall: The new Educational institution opened
26. 1842,Spring: Col. Julius Warren deeded a 80x100 foot lot with a small barn or shed like structure. Summer: remolded and finished.
27. 1844,May: Warrenville Baptist in the forefront of the anti-slavery movement.
Resolutions were drawn up and accepted for the church to act upon.(No physical records exists)
28. 1845,September: Warrenville had acted as host to the first Northwest Baptist Anti-slavery Convention as well as the Ministerial Conference of the Northern Illinois Baptist Association.
29. 1845,December:
The DuPage County Anti-slavery Society and Liberty Association met in Warrenville. There were many very strong abolitionists from Warrenvillein this group
30. 1845-1846
Philander Taylor
Pulpit supply--filled in on several occasions during the period when the church had no pastor
31. 1846-1849
Joel Wheeler
Returns for 2years
1848, July; Women to have a voice in the meetings. It was stated They could vote if they saw fit.
32. 33. 1850-1870
34. 1849 -1850
Henry Hovey
1849, March: Called to serve one year.Brother Hovey and his wife became members by letter.He went on to Batavia Baptist where in 1851 an investigation to defrockhim was started. Warrenvilles only involvement was to help in the investigation upon the request of Batavia.The report never appeared in our church records
35. 1850-1853
S. F. Holt
1850,June:The church voted to give him a yearly salary of $250.00 with day off every two weeks
1852,April: they voted a pay raise for him of $25.00 for the present year.
1852, October: they voted to pay $15.00 to a sexton for the upkeep of the Church building.
1853, April: voted to release Elder Holt (by his request) from his obligation as the churchs pastor.
36. 1853, October:Special meeting: After Brother Haraim Dailey and his wife Ann was added as Church members.Brother Dailey then was licensed to preach.
He was pulpit supply along with others
37. 1854-1856
H.H. Hoff
1854, December: H. H. Hoff was hired as their preacher.
1855,August:He was asked to resign.He refused.
1855, December: they voted to pay him for 6 months and again ask him to resign.Again he refused
1856, July:His Christian fellowship was withdrawn.
1856, August: He made a statement in church and sent a letter that stated all difficulties between him and the church was settled forever.The right hand of fellowship was granted and a letter of recommendation to go to any church of like faith and order
38. 1856-1859
Rev. Wescott
Under Wescotts leadership the church was growing again. And positive things started happening.
1856,November : At 2 different meetings there were discussions of acquiring a new building but no action was taken.
Good feelings and harmony prevailed. They were at peace with each other. Meetings were better attended and more deeply felt.
39. 1856,Nov 25; They voted to erect a bigger church building
40. Warrenville Baptist Church 1856
41. 1859-1861
Elder Taylor
Attendance was up and there seemed to be a certain excitement within the members during his term.
1860,June: Warrenville host a 3 day anniversary celebration for the Fox river Association (formerly known a the Northern Illinois Baptist Association).
1860,Dec: He tried to resign but they refused to accept it.
They voted to change from candles to kerosene lantern.
1861, June: 4 delegates to be sent to Joilet Association
1861,June: He tendered his resignation again and they accepted with deep regret.
42. 1860 there were 25 Baptisms, 14 received by letter, 5 by experience
43. 1860, May:A Committee of 3 women to look into
starting a Sabbath School
1860,October: Women meet in Mrs. Ward home to
plan a way to clear the $272.19 churchs debt
1861,October: Committee of 4 women to contract
for the winter wood early
44. 1862-1863
Isaac W. Lamb
1862 ,February: He came from the 1st Baptist church ofRochester N.Y where he was licensed to preach
1862 , March:Brother Lamb & his wife were voted in as members by letter.
1862 , May: Church approved an appropriation of $15.00to be sent to their Domestic Missions
1862May: 4 delegates were appointed to sit in council with the Fox Valley Association
1863Jan 1st Resigned his position
45. New articles of faith and a new covenant was written and adopted in Rev. Lambs term
46. 1863-1864
C. M. Lafferty
1863, January:Voted to call RevC.C. Lafferty
1863,January, 28;Rev. Lafferty and his wife, Antha
were received on letters from Naperville
1863, May: A collection of 15.00 was appropriated
for our Domestic Missions.
Fox River Association held in Morris. 4 delegateswere
send from Warrenville.
1864,July, 2: First Marriage in the new church observed.
1864,August: C.M. Lafferty left
47. 1864-1865
S. W. Marsten
1865,February:After their Wednesday prayer meeting, members tarried to consider the question of buying a parsonage
1865, February:Saturday morning meeting; they collected $15.00 for the wounded soldier who attended their meeting
1865,July 1: Rev Martsen resigned and was granted letters
to join the church in Wheaton
48. A piano or parlor organ had
been donated; the first
organist was
Mary Bartholomew.
1864, May to December:
They had a choir director
49. 1865, March 4: Voted to purchase a parsonage
on 4th and Main for $1,000.
March 19th they collected
$744.00 in subscriptions
50. 1865-1868
E.E. Hunt
1865,September : Rev. Hunt was pulpit supply for several months before he became their full time pastor.
Received in church by letter from Kaneville Baptist church
His yearly pay was $600 plus the rent of the parsonage
1866, smallpox outbreak , Church was closed for a few months.
1867,June: the Fox river Association was held in Warrenville.
1867,September:He was asked to remain for a third year.
1868,June : theyaccepted his resignation.
51. 1869-1870
1869,March to December;Brother Leslie served
1870, December until May: Homer Greene served
1870,May :Rev. Ellis came then decided to resign in November 1870but stayed until February, 1871
52. 53. 1870-1890
54. 1871
Rev Crittenddon
1871,May: Rev Crittenddon, 5 weeks supply preacher intended on staying. Left because funds were not available for a resident pastor.
He was paid for his 5 weeks and left July 1871
1871, June:3 delegates appointed to attend the Fox River Association to be held in Evanston.
55. July 1871 Feb 1872
No pastor
56. 1872-1873
Brother Potter
1871,December: he was called and started in February of 1872
He was accepted in the church by letter from Norwood Park
The yearly salary was $600.00
1872,April: Under Brother Potters guidance they implemented
a yearl