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  • 169 Cummins Hwy Roslindale, MA 02131

    Tel: 617-325-3322 Fax: 617-325-2145 www.sh-roslindale.org

    E-mail: sacredheartparish@sh-roslindale.org

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    Sacred Heart Parish Roslindale, MA

    SATURDAY, June 13 8:30 am Mass of Thanksgiving 4:00 pm Angela Oluchi Njoku Memorial SUNDAY, June 14 8:00 am Luciano & Antonietta Petruzziello & Family Anniversary 10:00 am Sunday Mass 12:00 pm Juan Camacho Memorial 5:15 pm Esther Johnson Memorial MONDAY, June 15 8:30 am Daily Mass TUESDAY, June 16 8:30 am Bertha Moore Anniversary WEDNESDAY, June 17 8:30 am Joan Slaby & Thanksgiving To the Sacred Heart THURSDAY, June 18 8:30 am Special Intention FRIDAY, June 19 8:30 am Daily Mass SATURDAY, June 20 8:30 am Mass of Thanksgiving 4:00 pm Ralph & Concetta Mirra Memorial SUNDAY, June 21 8:00 am Sunday Mass 10:00 am Mass of Thanksgiving 12:00 pm Sunday Mass 5:15 pm Sunday Mass

    Those we know and love who share in Christ’s suffering through illness: Lucy Algere Knox - Yaritza Baerga - Heidi Bar- buto - Danielle Broderick - Evelyn Broderick - Francisca Cruz

    - Fran Dolan - Christine Carroll - Lorraine Downey Cuddy -

    Kathleen Durepo - Robert Federico—Gabriela Gonzalez - James

    Gordon - Eleanor Havey - Chet Havey - Ruth Harzbecker - Jane

    & Paul Heanue - Candy Hickey - Richard Fraser - Andres Her-

    nandez - Ileana Thompson - Anthony Iarrobino - Christopher

    Keegan - Mary Kearns - Carmine Lavoi - Jennifer Lopez-

    Hernandez - Robert Lynch - Barbara McAveeney - Jennifer

    McGoldrick - Helen Kearns Moffie - Bridget Mulkerrin - Joseph

    Mutascio - Jahaidy Nova - John Reilly - Evelyn Shanahan—Ernst

    & Yvrose Toussaint—Pat Tremblay - Midge Whelan.

    May Christ heal all their ills.

    Mass IntentionsMass IntentionsMass IntentionsMass Intentions From the Pastor’s DeskFrom the Pastor’s DeskFrom the Pastor’s DeskFrom the Pastor’s Desk

    Dear Fathers, Members of the Staff & Parishioners,

    I want to thank all of you for the many

    kindnesses that I received during my stay at your

    parish. I leave with many good memories. I was told by medical advisors to enjoy full retirement.

    My home is now Regina Cleri which is a very fine

    retirement home thanks to your generosity to the

    Catholic Appeal of the Archdiocese.

    With great blessings in the Lord.

    Fr. Borges Regina Cleri 60 William Cardinal O’Connell Way Boston, MA 02114-2729

    Please join us on Sunday, June 28 at 11 am in the Murray Room to express our gratitude to Fr. Borges for his generous service to Sacred Heart Parish .

    Offertory with ParishPay

    Parish finances are ever a worry for a pas- tor. Our lovely church is also getting some age on

    it. We are soon passing the 122 year of parish life.

    Like most people enter their ‘majority’, much of

    our money is spent on maintenance and upkeep is

    never seen. A pastor in a church with the age of

    Sacred Heart tends to look with envy at a building

    of a more modern character. Still when we come together for family

    weddings, for school graduations, and for funerals,

    this wonderful church building offers us a comfort

    and a joy that nowhere else can offer. Sacred

    Heart Church holds family and parish memories of

    many years. We need your help in supporting our par-

    ish and our church. Please make the effort to sup-

    port our parish weekly or monthly with electronic

    giving. Consider signing up for ParishPay in order

    to contribute to Sacred Heart.

    Go to our web site, www.sh-roslindale.org and click on the ParishPay icon. Then you can

    sign up to make a monthly donation to Sacred

    Heart parish at the ParishPay web site. Any ques-

    tions please call the rectory. Msgr. Frank Kelley

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    Sacred Heart Parish Roslindale, MA

    Collaborative Corner…

    In this week’s corner is one of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) concerning the Archdiocesan plans for our parish- es. Here is a brief answer to the meaning of ‘collaborative’

    What is a Collaborative? A Collaborative is a grouping of one, two, or three Parishes that work together for the goal of evangeli- zation. A Collaborative has one Pastor, one set of assigned priests and deacons, and one Pastoral Team (including Pastoral Associates, Religious Education and Faith Formation leaders, Finance and Opera- tions specialists, and administrative and facilities per- sonnel). All of these work together for all of the Par- ishes of the Collaborative. The Collaborative has one Pastoral Council, and one Local Pastoral Plan for evangelization. The Collaborative does not share money or bank ac- counts or other financial assets or obligations. If Par- ish A and B form a Collaborative, and you put your money in your offertory envelope or give online for Parish B, it will go into the bank account of Parish B, not Parish A. If Parish B has obligations (debt, de- ferred maintenance, etc.) going into the Collabora- tive, those obligations remain the obligations of Par- ish B alone, not Parish A. The Collaborative is not a legal or canonical entity. It does not have a federal tax payer number. It does not have a bank account. It cannot own property. Because the patrimony ( this refers to the estate or proper-

    ty of a parish, it’s material resources) of each Parish con-

    tinues to belong to that Parish, as well as the obliga-

    tions of each Parish continuing to belong to that Par-

    ish, each Parish has its own Finance Council. How-

    ever, since many costs are shared, the finance coun-

    cils of all of the Parishes in the Collaborative may

    often meet together.

    Fr. Jack Graham

    25th Anniversary Fr. Jack Graham is celebrating his 25th anniversary of ordination to the Priesthood. A Mass of Thanksgiv- ing will be held at Saint Agnes Church in Arlington on June 14th at noon. A light reception will be held in the Saint Agnes School Hall immediately following Mass. All are welcome.


    CLASS OF 2015 Graduation Awards

    Highest Average Given by Home & School Association

    Lisalina Pena

    2nd Highest Average Given by Home & School Association

    Giselina Peña

    Religion Award In Memory of Rev. Robert Maguire

    Shanayree Peña

    English Award In Memory of Patrick Roche

    Ralph Lambert Literature Award

    In Memory of Daniel Roche

    Madelyn Wernig Mathematics Award

    Given by the Vadala Family

    Arialdy Villalona Science Award

    Given by the Tulimieri Family

    Jasmine Howard History Award

    Given by the Broderick Family

    Amaya Peña Technology Award

    In Memory of Charles Loney

    Shanayree Peña Art Award

    Given by the Arrendondo Family

    Tyler Medeiros Music Award

    In Memory of Claire Cuddy

    Analisa Morales Service Award

    Given in Recognition of the Sisters of St. Joseph

    Aiden Staunton School Spirit Award

    Given in Memory of Bill Manganiello

    Ralph Lambert Good Kid Award

    Given in Memory of Elaine Ryan

    Jasmine Howard

    Dorothea Deveraeux Character Award Analisa Morales

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    Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time June 14, 2015

    Registration is now open for 2015-2016 Religious Education classes. All classes take place at Sacred Heart School on Canterbury St. First Communion preparation is a two year program beginning with first grade. Instruction continues in the Sunday morning program through grade 8. Confirmation preparation is a two year program starting in grade 9. Confirmation classes meet on Sunday evenings. If your child was not baptized at Sacred Heart Parish please provide a copy of their Baptismal certificate when you register. The registration fee is $45 per child with a maxi- mum of $120 per family. Contact the rectory office for registration forms and more information.

    PROJECT COOKIE DOUGH: Many thanks to the 13 bakers who made 704 homemade cookies this past month-they were very much appreciated by those who received them. Our June batches of cookies will be due on Monday, June 15 by 3 pm. New bakers are always welcome! For questions call Donna O’Connor at 617-524-4396. Thank you!

    Invitation to a Centenary Mass at

    St. Theresa of Avila Church The Daughters of St. Paul will celebrate their 100th Anniversary of Foundation with a Mass of Thanksgiving on Sunday, June 14th at 3:00 pm in St. Theresa of Avila

    Church, 2078 Centre St., West Roxbury, MA. A reception

    will follow in the parish hall. Cardinal Sean O’Malley will be the main celebrant. All are invited to attend the Mass and reception. Please RSVP to 617-522-8911 or email to fspcentenary@gmail.com

    Today’s Liturgy

    The parable of the mustard seed ( Mark ch. 4) In the gospel this week we see what appears to be

    the beginning of the parable of the mustard seed. This is a


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