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<p>PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS</p> <p> PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS</p> <p> Choose the correct answer.</p> <p>1 I listen / m listening to the radio every morning. </p> <p>2 Be quiet! I listen / m listening to the radio.</p> <p>3 Jill is in the kitchen. She has / s having breakfast.</p> <p>4 She often has / having yoghurt for breakfast.</p> <p>5 She has / is having a brother and two sisters.</p> <p>6 How many languages do you speak / are you speaking?</p> <p>7 Do you like / Are you liking this music?</p> <p>8 Someone is waiting / waits for you outside. Who is it?</p> <p>9 What are you thinking / do you think of this book?</p> <p>10 Are you beliving / Do you believe in ghosts?</p> <p>11 Kate is busy. She is studying / studies for a test.</p> <p>12 We are having / have a great time at the moment!</p> <p>13 Tina is usually getting up / usually gets up at 7.00.</p> <p>14 There is a lot of noise in the street. What is happening / happens?</p> <p>15 Whats your job? What are you doing / do you do?</p> <p> Put the verb in the present continuous or the present simple.</p> <p>Excuse me. ________________________ English? (you/speak)</p> <p>Where is Tom? ______________________ a shower. (he/have)</p> <p>Listen! Somebody ___________________________. (sing)</p> <p>I ______________________ television very often. (not/watch)</p> <p>Sandra is tired. She _____________________ to go home now. (want)</p> <p>How often _______________________________ a newspaper? (you/read)</p> <p>Excuse me but you __________________________ in my place. (sit)</p> <p>Im sorry, I ____________________________. (not/understand)</p> <p>You can turn off the radio. I _____________________ to it. (not/listen)</p> <p>Martin _________________________________________ to work. (not/usually/drive)</p>