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<ul><li> 1. Halmstad Li ing Lab LivingCarina Ihlstrm Eriksson PhDEriksson,Acting Vice-President of HalmstadUniversityFor the Development of Organisations, Products and Quality of Life</li></ul> <p> 2. Halmstad Embedded andIntelligent Systems Research (EIS) 3. Carina Ihlstrm Eriksson, AssociateProfessor, ManagerMaria kesson, PhDkessonJesper Svensson, PhD studentEsbjrn Ebbesson, PhD studentLars-Olof Johansson, PhD student,Jan Nilsson, AssistentMikael Hammeltz, AssistentNicholas Wickstrm, PhD h l k hMagnus Hllander, PhDFawzi Halila, PhDJonas Rundqvist, PhD Rundqvist 4. Living Lab Living Lab - Secure at Home: funded by VINNOVA SOCIALL: funded by NordforskWellbeing / Health / Inclusion Secure at Home - Smart Locks: funded by VINNOVA y Silver Technology: funded by VINNOVA AAL Express2Connect: funded by VINNOVAMediaM diLocal Newspaper 2.0 with Engaged Readers (LoCoMedia): funded bythe Knowledge Foundation 5. Living Lab Secure at HomeThe context is ICTservices and productsaimed at supportingand empoweringelderly peopleFocus on methodsand tools for userinvolvement in theIT-innovation process9 SMEs in the healthtechnology area 6. Secure at Home Smart Locks 2 SMEs and 1 NGO 7. Silver Technology 8. Copenhagen Living Lab (DE) Express2Connect (E2C)Halmstad Living LabHalmstad Municipality Waag Society (NL) Active Seniors Association (FI)A i S i Ai iAAL project Laurea Universitet (FI)Research and development project 2010-2013 resund IT (SE) Forum Vi iFVirium Helsinki (FI) H l i ki1. Preventing seniors internal experience of Substanz (DK) loneliness as this is strongly associated with Heutink (NL) dissatisfaction with life. VerhalentafelVe h le t fel (NL)2. Develop a new innovative solution for an emergent EU market for preventive social technology, consisting of the increasing part of elderly people age 65+.65+3. Creating implementation strategies that allow the solution a place in the service ecology of elderly care by contributing to a stop in the predicted rise in costs of health and long term care. 9. LoCoMediaThis projectconcerns user 7 Swedish newspapersgenerated content Experiments (12)creation and i d Interviews (36+27+20)validation of new Questionnaires (10.000media services in a respondents)Living Lab ttiLi i L b setting Mappings (4) 10. ContactCarina Ihlstrm Eriksson+46 703 187355carina.ihlstrom_eriksson@hh.secarina.ihlstrom eriksson@hh.se halmstadlivinglab.se halmstadlivinglab semedia-it.hh.se</p>