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Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Halmstad Li ing Lab LivingCarina Ihlstrm Eriksson PhDEriksson,Acting Vice-President of HalmstadUniversityFor the Development of Organisations, Products and Quality of Life

2. Halmstad Embedded andIntelligent Systems Research (EIS) 3. Carina Ihlstrm Eriksson, AssociateProfessor, ManagerMaria kesson, PhDkessonJesper Svensson, PhD studentEsbjrn Ebbesson, PhD studentLars-Olof Johansson, PhD student,Jan Nilsson, AssistentMikael Hammeltz, AssistentNicholas Wickstrm, PhD h l k hMagnus Hllander, PhDFawzi Halila, PhDJonas Rundqvist, PhD Rundqvist 4. Living Lab Living Lab - Secure at Home: funded by VINNOVA SOCIALL: funded by NordforskWellbeing / Health / Inclusion Secure at Home - Smart Locks: funded by VINNOVA y Silver Technology: funded by VINNOVA AAL Express2Connect: funded by VINNOVAMediaM diLocal Newspaper 2.0 with Engaged Readers (LoCoMedia): funded bythe Knowledge Foundation 5. Living Lab Secure at HomeThe context is ICTservices and productsaimed at supportingand empoweringelderly peopleFocus on methodsand tools for userinvolvement in theIT-innovation process9 SMEs in the healthtechnology area 6. Secure at Home Smart Locks 2 SMEs and 1 NGO 7. Silver Technology 8. Copenhagen Living Lab (DE) Express2Connect (E2C)Halmstad Living LabHalmstad Municipality Waag Society (NL) Active Seniors Association (FI)A i S i Ai iAAL project Laurea Universitet (FI)Research and development project 2010-2013 resund IT (SE) Forum Vi iFVirium Helsinki (FI) H l i ki1. Preventing seniors internal experience of Substanz (DK) loneliness as this is strongly associated with Heutink (NL) dissatisfaction with life. VerhalentafelVe h le t fel (NL)2. Develop a new innovative solution for an emergent EU market for preventive social technology, consisting of the increasing part of elderly people age 65+.65+3. Creating implementation strategies that allow the solution a place in the service ecology of elderly care by contributing to a stop in the predicted rise in costs of health and long term care. 9. LoCoMediaThis projectconcerns user 7 Swedish newspapersgenerated content Experiments (12)creation and i d Interviews (36+27+20)validation of new Questionnaires (10.000media services in a respondents)Living Lab ttiLi i L b setting Mappings (4) 10. ContactCarina Ihlstrm Eriksson+46 703 187355carina.ihlstrom_eriksson@hh.secarina.ihlstrom eriksson@hh.se halmstadlivinglab.se halmstadlivinglab semedia-it.hh.se