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  • 2 Program Philosophy As a developing/introductory program/sport we stress fun and that everyone plays Zero tolerance to lack of respect to coaches, refs and fellow players No provincialness - kids play with and against one another..the combination of other towns is presented as an enriching experience
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  • 3 Notoriety We believe that this year we shall be the largest non-for-profit lacrosse program in NJ Over 20 towns as members Sponsored by both Sports Foundations and Pop Warner Programs All coaches finger printed and Rutgers Certified.
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  • 4 Notoriety (cont.) Only program in NJ to start children at 1 st grade. Only program actively seeking to work with other Sports Foundations to help them develop either their own program or one through us. Only program working with both middle schools and high schools to develop lax programs
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  • 5 Why Join Mav Lax To start your own program you need a minimum of 100 kids. Until you have that number you can offer our program. Enriching experience for kids to play with kids from other towns No pressure to take kids from other programs and promote the start of a new sport in town.
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  • 6 Why Join Mav Lax (cont.) We will keep all your kids together..such that when you want to transition them into your own program you can. However, you will more than likely want to transition a travel team out first and have us develop your rec kids for a longer period if not indefinitely. We believe that working togetherwe can offer our kids the best.
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  • 7 What We Need From You Post our flyer, e-mail to residents.. Directing them to our web site www.eteamz.active.com/cnlax All towns must contribute coaches Large town participants must contribute one or more fields (3/1 thru 6/16)
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  • 8 Program Structure Boys & Girls 1 st thru 12 th grade Boys: 1 st thru 2 nd grade - Rec only with intramural games 3 rd thru 8 th grade Rec and travel 9 th thru 12 th grade travel only
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  • 9 Program Structure (cont.) Boys & Girls 1 st thru 12 th grade Girls: 3rd thru 8th grade clinic, better players can play up Rec and travel Introducing 9 th thru 12 th grade is being considered, but is not currently planned. We will offer community service to these grades.
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  • 10 Recreational Program The Rec program is instructional to get the kids to play competitively Every practice ends with a game Unlike Travel, Rec kids will play nearly non-stop (few substitutes) team size 12 vs 18 for Travel Kids assessed every 2-3weeks to be moved to Travel
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  • 11 Recreational Program (cont.) We are highly sensitive to stigma between Rec and Travel. Unfortunately, we need this to develop beginners Over time we will look to have multiple travel teams so as to permit access to every child who can play at that level
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  • 12 Recreational Program (cont.) In addition where other towns teams match up with us..games will be arranged. Towns are all within 30 minutes travel time. Cost: $20 insurance, $95 program. What is provided: kids keep shorts and practice jersey (used for games).
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  • 13 Travel Program Again no stigma to the Rec program. Only difference is skill level As we develop more skilled players we will have more travel team. Look to have as many travel teams as towns..we do not want to limit the growth of the sport.
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  • 14 Travel Program (cont.) Over time towns will need to decide if they want to convert their kids in our program over to their own Sports Foundation. Initially travel teams will be grouped by two grades: 3 rd /4 th, 5 th /6 th, 7 th /8 th, 9 th thru 12 th. As we grow, our program will then be by individual grade (better teams are in this format).
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  • 15 Travel Program (cont.) Towns are all within 30 minutes travel time. Cost: $20 insurance, $95 program. What is provided: kids keep shorts and practice jersey. They return game jerseys ($100 refundable check taken at beginning of season)
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  • 16 Travel Selection Try-out with 10 coaches. Team coaches are not permitted to judge. Rec kids re-assessed every 2-3 weeks. Similarly, Travel kids due to not showing up or limited effort are subject to being moved to Rec
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  • 17 Footnote to Girls Program Nationally girls Lacrosse is growing faster than the boys. We unfortunately are not mirroring this. We believe this is due to limited private girls schools in the area, and there being less coaches with playing experience (unlike Rumson). Given lower expected attendance the Rec program may be slower to develop We plan to subsidize the girls program from funds from the boys program to force this program growth/development
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  • 18 Coaches All travel head coaches have prior playing and or coaching experience Assistant coaches are currently being groomed to be head coaches. The Rec program is used to develop them. Outside groups are brought in for additional coaching training
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  • 19 Coaches (cont.) All coaches are finger printed and Rutgers Safety certified. All towns that contribute kids need to contribute coaches and begin to work on obtaining fields.
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  • 20 List of Current Towns Colts NeckHolmdel Highlands Shrewsbury Little Silver Lincroft Hazlet Middeltown Locust Rumson Aberdeen Manalpan Atlantic HighEatontown Marlboro Freehold Fort Mon. Ocean Old Bridge Red Bank W. Long Br.
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  • 21 What We Need Our program is only limited by the number of coaches for both boys and girls
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  • 22 Additional Information At our web site you will find the following: Full Program Guide Coach, Parent and Player Contracts Drills Boys & Girls Rules Coaches Bios Contact me, Ron Gale, President, at RWGale@aol.com