1 MACBETH goldsm/FOV2-0010003D/FOV2-00100043• Look up a literary defintion for tragedy and tragic flaw. ... graphic organizer, ... 1 MACBETH [.cwk

Download 1 MACBETH  goldsm/FOV2-0010003D/FOV2-00100043• Look up a literary defintion for tragedy and tragic flaw. ... graphic organizer, ... 1 MACBETH   [.cwk

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  • Macbeth by William Shakespeare (reading should take about 10 days)

    PART ONE: Daily Journal Assignments: Do any 10 of the following. That willl mean that you turn in ONE journal PER DAY.

    What is ambition? How can it be good? Bad? What is blind ambition? Can someone influence you to do something against your own values or ideas? How?

    Was There a Real Macbeth? Research this online and write about your findings. Do not forget to properly cite your sources! *See easybib.com or our home page for help with this.

    Geography: Go online and map out the territory of Macbeth. Properly cite your sources. The Universe: An Elizabethan View. Go online and research this view. Properly cite your sources. Draw an image, idea or character from the play. (The witches, Macbeth in battle, the castle at

    Dunsinane, OR power, greed, honor, facades, etc. (1) Choose a quote from the book that speaks to you for some reason. (2)Write the quote here exactly

    as it appears in the play including line breaks.. (3) Cite the Act, Scene, and Line(s) (For example; Act I, scene ii, lines 12-18) Next (4) explain what you think this quote means, then finally give a (5) modern instance that parallels the quote you chose.

    Find an image from the web protraying an element from Macbeth and explain its power. (ghosts, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth)

    Look up a literary defintion for tragedy and tragic flaw. Write them down and then explain how they apply to this play.

    Imagery: Choose an example of figurative language from the play (metaphor, simile, foreshadowing, motif, symbol, etc.), quote it and then explain its power and how it enhances the meaning of the play.

    For the following scenes, either draw or write about its purpose and power. What exactly is going on and why?(These are more journal options.)

    Act I, scene vii To Kill or Not to Kill Act III, scene ii, iv Banquos Ghost Act IV, scene i Reflections Act IV, scene i The Three Visions Act IV, scene iii A Decision to Fight Act V, scene i Out, Damned Spot! Act V, scene v Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow . . .

  • Part Two: Final Written Assignment: Choose ONE of the following prompts, and write a five paragraph persusasive essay. You must use specific details and commnent on each as your supporting evidence. Of course, you will have a strong intro with arguable thesis statement and a conclusion that resolves your thesis and ends with a clincher statement. You will also provide evidence of prewriting of some kind: web, outline, graphic organizer, etc.

    Trace the deterioration of either Macbeth OR Lady Macbeth from the beginning of the play to its tragic conclusion. Your thesis must state the cause of this deterioration. (*possible thesis: Macbeth begins the play as a conquering hero, but allows greed and viciousness to overrule him, leading to more murders and his own eventual beheading. OR, Lady Macbeths ambition for herself and for her husband lead her to the insane idea of killing a king which only serves to spread the brutal insanity throughout the kingdom.)

    Who is more to blame for Macbeths downfall, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? Make sure you explain why you think so. (*possible thesis: Lady Macbeth is evil incarnate because she sways her husband to kill his king when he did not wish to. OR, Macbeth is ripe to the slightest suggestions to murder his leige and lord. The three witches plant the seed of evil and Lady Macbeth waters it, however, it is Macbeth, himself, who harvests the ugliness.)

    A motif is a word, image or action that occurs over and over within a work in order to enhance the meaning (significance) of the work (theme). Analyze how the blood and violence motif contributes to the theme of the play, Macbeth. Cite imagery as evidence. (*possible thesis: The recurring gruesome imagery of violence and blood underscores Macbeths escalating viciousness and immorality.)

    In literature when one characters responses, function and characteristics are very different from another that they highlight the flaws of another s/he is called a foil. Explain how Macduff is a foil to Macbeth. (*possible thesis: Macduff is an example of honor and integrity. Macbeth is the antithesis of these characteristics. These characteristics lead one to a tragic death and the other to a kingly resolution.)

    Explain how the three witches are antagonists in this play and a controlling force working toward Macbeths demise. (*possible thesis: The three witches not only prophesy the future for Macbeth, but they directly affect his thoughts and decisions, ultimately leading him to evil and gruesome death.)


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