1. ^4. basketball 2. 5. she done went 3.monday kat

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  • ^4. basketBall2. 5. she done went



  • DLA 1-3-13We have 63 days until spring

    Break, and theres so much too do!

    2. What r u doin this Weekend, are

    there any good movie out?

  • Reading DLA 1-3-13Whats the main difference in a

    simile and metafor; what about


    2. What are the top 3 things you like or

    dont like about Poetry?

  • DLA 1-4-13

    She nearly went to the hospital,

    because she stayed up for 5 days straight

    2. the man who won the lottery was

    fourty-seven the man was from


  • Reading DLA 1-4-13Do you like poems that have Free

    Verse or end rhyme more better?

    2. How many onomatopoeias can you

    name in one minute, who thinks they

    can does the most?

  • DLA 1-8-13It was hard for the family to except

    the gift but it was theyre only way to

    obtain food

    2. Whose the biggest aponent in your

    favorite book and, what is their name?

  • You need the following:

    Reading textbookComposition bookGlue stick (grab from the back drawer)

    Have these materials at your desk by the time the bell rings

  • Reading DLA 1-8-13The man with the white green and

    red shoes bought nearly $1,000 in


    2. We thought Mary Martin must know

    her material well, she made a 42 on the


  • DLA 1-9-13Its not healthy to have an

    obsession, but, whats your top three

    most favorite television show?

    2. Even though she ran her hardest she

    loses the race by less than .5 second.

  • Reading DLA 1-9-13After Silverstein and prelutsky we are

    covering edgar allen poe his poems are very

    dark scary.

    2. The dark dreary grey day caused the

    picnic to be canceled but the students

    still had a good day

  • DLA 1-10-13The optomitrist quickly informed his

    patience that there prescriptions had

    been switched

    2. After she realized, she won the

    scholarship, hundreds of tears fell to the


  • Reading DLA 1-10-13Whats the main conflict in the raven

    so far is the narrator gets to scared to

    easily? Hears a terrifying tapping sound.

    2. youre projects are due in 2 weeks

    but, they arent hard at all

  • DLA 1-11-13The containers opaque cover made

    it very difficult to see its contents.

    2. Which poets use end rhyme in their

    poems? What effect does it have on

    the poem?

  • Reading DLA 1-11-13Weve studyed poe dickinson

    silverstein and prelutsky, who was the

    most sad?

    2. Between annabel lee and the raven

    which poem has better end rhyme?

  • Reading DLA 1-14-13We finish with Langston Hughes and

    Robert frost today and then we will

    talk about our projects

    2. Their due next wednesday january

    16, the time will fly by!

  • DLA 1-15-13The basket-ball team were a phenomenon,

    they won 78 straight games and four

    championships.2. they nearly died laughing, after watching the

    comedians routines because, he was very


  • Reading DLA 1-15-13The weather dropped to nearly four

    degrees, theyre teeth constantly


    You need to sign up for your poet

    make a foldable and take your quiz

  • DLA 1-16-13

    NO DLA Library

  • Reading DLA 1-16-13

    The rain pounded the roof ground and cars

    In the parking lot it sounded like marbles

    Crashing down

    2. Although the test was difficult he grinned

    like a champion upon receiving his grade

  • DLA 1-17-13Items that are not perishable include cereal

    soup granola crackers peanut butter and pasta.

    2. After working 29 straight hours she plunked

    down into her recliner, and immediately falls


  • Reading DLA 1-17-13

    NO DLA Computer Lab

  • DLA 1-18-13His legs were on fire after finishing the

    marathon; his face was as red as an apple

    2. On extreme home makeover they

    completely redid the perimeter of the house,

    and happily bought the family a car.

  • You need the following:

    Reading textbookComposition bookHalf sheet of paperFull sheet of paper

  • Reading DLA 1-18-13

    How many facts do we have to have about

    our poet for hour project, how many terms do

    we have to find.

    2. Why are we out on Monday she asked is it a


  • DLA 1-22-13The large blue heavy quartz weighed over

    1,000 pounds, it was large one discovered

    2. the award-winning quintet played a concert

    last night all five members went to the same

    High School.

  • Reading DLA 1-22-13Which teams are going to the super

    Bowl he asked who do you thinking is

    going to win?

    2. We are reading the poem the names

    today and, finishing, our homework in class.

  • DLA 1-23-131. I am starting to feel badder she said I

    shouldnt have aten all those quesadillas

    the quaint community was rocked by

    an earth-quake in march, theyre town

    was nearly destroyed.

  • Reading DLA 1-23-13

    What all do we have to say for our project

    she asked I cant remember the third thing!

    2. The book harry potter and the goblet of fire

    is over 400 pages long, and is the forth in the


  • DLA 1-24-131. Does anyone have a question the teacher

    asked some of you look two afraid to ask.

    2. the class groaned loudly when the teacher

    explained the assignments, it had to be four

    quatrains long

  • Reading DLA 1-24-13

    Im so confused he said I tried to give her a

    complement and she got mad for no reasons!

    2. Do The poems Bleezers Ice-Cream, The

    Weary Blues, and the Road Not taken all have

    end rhyme the teacher asked?

  • DLA 1-25-131 . Why did you try to quell the fight? She

    shrieked. You couldve gotten hurt in trouble.

    2. after being rescued from the sinking

    sailboat the reporter stated the elderly man

    began to shiver uncontrollably

  • Reading DLA 1-25-12

    No reading class today due to the two hour delay.

  • DLA 1-28-131 . Do anyone know how to find the radius of

    a circle the teacher asked it is on youre test

    2. after realizing the waiter wouldnt fix his

    receit she grabbed everything accept her purse

    and turned over the table

  • You need the following:

    - reading textbook- reading composition book- one sheet of paper

  • Reading DLA 1-28-13

    1 . How many lines are in a haiku she asked

    does it matter how much syllables are in it?

    2. She was a lightning bolt she passed all the

    runners and she easily won the race her coach

    gave her many complements

  • DLA 1-29-131. the man was reluctant too go to

    theyre party she said theres a biggest math

    test tomorrow2. the new York times found that he cheated

    in both championships so the player was

    forcing to resign

  • Reading DLA 1-29-13

    1 . John ryan and philip went to the theater the

    hobbit was sold out so they saw identify thief


    2. Our Poetry test is tomorrow she said but we

    have to do the study guide, and check it first.

    How long is it he asked

  • She has her three daughters health to think about. The boxes lid was nearly taped shut.It was someone elses idea to change the plans. The bird ruffled its feathers. The fungis smell was nearly unbearable.The axes blade was very sharp.

  • Reading DLA 1-30-13What is your Favorite Thing to read, do you

    Like mystery or comedys or scary books? Whose

    youre favorite author?

    2. Which of the Literary Terms is on our test she

    asked there are so many of them!

  • DLA 1-31-131. This is ridiculous she shrieked youre

    restaurant serving me cold food and I want my

    money back?

    2. on a recent episode of hoaders a womans

    house was repulsive she had nearly 200 rats

  • Reading DLA 1-31-13The tornadoes tore through 3 citys, and 2 counties

    within an hour, everything looks destroyed the

    reporter stated

    2. What did you think of yesterdays quiz was it harder

    she asked there was I didnt understand 3 of the


  • DLA 2-4-131. He was once the most rotundest man I knew

    she said but now he has lost nearly 150 pounds

    and run four times a week2. her wedding included roses tulips

    rhododendrons and petals from other types of


  • Reading DLA 2-4-13After we do a fact and opinion review she

    explained we are going to complete our

    propaganda poster

    2. You need to understand you cant dessert

    your team, he said. They all really need you to


  • You need the following: Reading textbook Reading composition book

    *If you havent already, turn in your poster to the 7th period drawer.

  • Reading DLA 2-5-13

    We are starting Literary Genres today she

    said what does that mean he quickly asked

    2. He turned as red as a tomato I was just trying

    to pay you a complement he yelled so you

    dont have to get so angry!

  • DLA 2-7-13In many countrys food water and shelter are

    scarce he quietly explained we are lucky to live

    where we do

    2. The cars speedometer had to be re-called, it

    never did say h