* what do students do when they are "researching"?

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* What do students do when they are "researching"?. It is learning by doing. (John Dewey) It is in doing that we learn best. (Aristotle) Hands on, minds on. “Real” questions engage students. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *What do students do when they are "researching"?It is learning by doing. (John Dewey)It is in doing that we learn best. (Aristotle)Hands on, minds on. Real questions engage students.

  • What different procedures or considerations should a teacher make for involving students as researchers?

    Developmentally appropriate activities.Procedures (research methods) have to be taught.Background knowledge must be activated and/or developed.Allow think time for students.

  • K-2 CommunitySpecific ProjectsStandard: Students compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places.Project: Oral Histories K- Invite Community Elder to Classroom1-2 - Students conduct oral interviews Students compare and contrast the area they currently live in with how it changed over time.

  • Grades 3/4 - CommunitySpecific Projects

    Standard: Students identify the human & physical characteristics of the places they are studying.How do natural resources affect culture?Why was Sacramento chosen as a major population area and the capital of the state?

  • Grades 5/6 - CommunitySpecific ProjectsStandard: Students identify the human and physical characteristics and understand how those characteristics define place.The Nation and World Communities.Population - Migration patterns/trends.Analyzing census information.

  • Are research projects conducted differently at primary grades compared to upper grades?

    Primary - more teacher directed topic and materials provided by teacherIntermediate - more student directed teacher provides topic, students provide research questions.Upper grades - independent students select topic & questions, use teacher as resource