{ rhetorical devices logos pathos ethos.  appeal to reason and logic logos

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Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical DevicesLogos Pathos Ethos{Appeal to reason and logicLogos

William Shakespeare wrote his own plays. In the introduction to the first publication, Ben Johnson, a famous actor who knew Shakespeare, dedicated the works to him and thanked him for writing them. An example of logos

Cigarette smoke is dangerous because it contains harmful chemicals like tar, nicotine and arsenic. These chemicals are one reason that smoking causes 20% of all deaths from cancer.Another example of logos

Appeal to emotionPathos

Shakespeare clearly wrote his own plays. The heretics who say otherwise are ignorant and debase the noble tradition of English literature.An example of pathos

Smoking cigarettes is deadly. Every year smoking kills thousands of people, leaving behind grieving families and friends. Another example of pathos

Appeal to the readers trust in the writer or another authority figureEthos

Author Richard Schoenberg, Professor of Literature at the University of Maryland and renowned Shakespeare scholar, asserts that William Shakespeare undoubtedly wrote the plays.An example of ethos

The surgeon general says that smoking is bad for your health. Another example of ethos

You should think about becoming a vegetarian. Orlando Bloom and Natalie Portman are both vegetarians, and many doctors say vegetarianism is good for your health.Logos, pathos or ethos?

According to medical studies, heart disease is linked to eating fatty food like red meat. Cutting meat out of your diet is one way to reduce the risk of heart disease.Logos, pathos or ethos?

Shaun White votes. You should, too.Logos, pathos or ethos?

Meat is murder! Become a vegetarian and stop the slaughter.Logos, pathos or ethos?

Fight for your rights! Vote.Logos, pathos or ethos?

Bothered by curfew? Can't find a place to skateboard? Frustrated with censorship? Who's controlling your life?The nations youngest voters generally have the lowest turnout at the polls, so politicians pay little attention to what they want. If more young people vote, politicians will be more likely to provide answers to their concerns.Logos, pathos or ethos?

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