n g system creo parametric complete mold design, creo parametric progressive die, creo parametric

n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric
n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric
n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric
n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric
n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric
Download n G System Creo Parametric Complete Mold Design, Creo Parametric Progressive Die, Creo Parametric

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  • Government eProcurement System Page 1 of2

    - - - - - --------~ .. G vet n Government eProcurement System

    eProcurement Tender Details I . - - -

    ~ ...

    System Date : 28-Feb-2020 02:33 PM Pnnl

    Basit Detail~

    Organisation Chain Council of Scientific and Industrial ResearchiiCSIO-Chandigarh • CSIRII Purchase-CSIO - CSIR

    Tender Reference CSI0-3-68-2019-Pur Number --- -- - - TenderiD 2020_CSIR_44617_1 - - Tender Type Single Form of contract Supply - - - Tender Category Goods No. of Covers 1

    General Technical No ItemWise Technical No

    Evaluation Allowed Evaluation Allowed - Payment Mode Not Applicable

    Is Multi Currency Allowed No For BOQ

    Is Multi Currency No Allowed For Fee

    Allow Two Stage Bidding No

    Cover Dgtails, No. Of ~overs - 1 -- Cover No Cover Document Type Description

    Procurement of

    1 Fee/PreQualjTechntcai/Finance .pdf Mechanical Design Software as per Tender Document

    Procurement of

    I .xis Mechanical Design Software as per Tender Document

    Tender Fge Detail~. [Total Feg in f * - 0.00] I EMD Fee Details Tender Fee in ~ p.oo EMD Amount in ~ 0.00 EMD through No Fee Payable To Nil Fee Payable At lNil BG/ST or EMD

    Exemption Tender Fee No Allowed Exemption

    EMD Fee Type fixed EMD Percentage Allowed NA

    EMD Payable To Nil EMD Payable At Nil

    Work /Item(sl - - - - -- Title CSI0-3·68-2019-Pur

    Work Description Procurement of Mechamcal Design Software as per Tender Document

    Pre Qualification Please refer Tender documents. Details

    Independent NA External Monitor/ Remarks

    Show Tender Value No in Public Domain

    Tender Value in ~ 0.00 Product Category Computer- Sub category NA S/W

    Contract Type Tender Bid Validity(Days) 90 Period Of Work 45 (Days)

    location Chandigarh Pin code 160030 Pre Bid Meeting NA Place

    Pre Bid Meeting NA Pre Bid Meeting NA Bid Opening Place CSIR-CSIO Purchas Section Address Date Sector -30 Chandigarh

    No No

    https://etenders.gov.in/cprocure/app?componcnt=%240ircctLink&page=PublishedVi... 28-02-2020

  • Government eProcurement System Page 2 of2

    I I

    !Should Allow NDA Tender I !Allow Preferential Bidder I I Critical Da!es - Publish Date 28-Feb-2020 02:40 PM Bid Opening Date 13-Mar-2020 03:30 PM

    Document Download I Sale 28-Feb-2020 02:40 PM Document Download I Sale End 12-Mar-2020 03:00 PM Start Date Date

    Clarification Start Date 28-Feb-2020 02:40 PM Clarification End Date 11-Mar-2020 05:00PM

    Bid Submission Start Date 28-Feb-2020 02:40 PM Bid Submission End Date 12-Mar-2020 03:00PM

    Tender Documents NIT lr---,-----------~------------.-----------~-~----------~------.---------_,

    Document Document S.No Document Name

    1 Tendernot1ce l.pdf

    Work Item Documents S.No Document Type

    1 BOQ

    Single Bidders list S.No. I Bidder Name 1. I Peak Tach Engieers

    Bid Openers List

    S.No Bid Opener Login Id

    1. bhatnagar.eproc@csir.res.in

    2. madan.eoroc@cslr. res.1n 3. ramesh.eproc@csir. res.in

    4. satya.eproc@csir.res.in

    Tender Inviting Authority

    Description Size (in KB}

    Procurement of Mechanical Design Software as oer Tender Document


    Document Name

    BOQ_ 47932.xls


    Procurement of Mechamcal Design Software as per Tender Document

    Document Size (in KB}


    (Bidder Login Id

    j dinesh@ptecad.com

    Bid Opener Name

    Bri)ender Bhatnagar

    Madan Sharma Ramesh Kumar

    Satya Prakash Prabhakar


    Name I Controller of Stores and Purchase - I Address The Director CSIR-CSIO Sector-30 Chandigarh 160 030 l c-~~~~--------------------------~

    Tender Creator Details

    I Created By Ramesh Kumar Designation Assistant

    I Created Date 28-Feb-2020 02:29 PM

    https://ctenders.gov. in/eprocure/app?component=%240irectLink&page=PublishedVi... 28-02-2020

  • ~ -~ h11filifi 3qifi'(Oj ~ CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation

    ~ 30 lft ~ Sector-30C, Chandigarh 160 030

    ~ ~I Tender No. CSI0/3(68)/2019-Pur ~ I Issue Date: February 28, 2020

    ~~~~mr ~~~Jfftm 12.03.2020, 3.00 P.M. ('fCfl'i ~ I Date & time of

    13.03.2020 at 3.30 P.M. ~mr~l Date&

    time of receipt of tender

    d inesh@ ptecad.com M/s Peak Tack engineers,

    SCO No. 88, Sector 12A, Old Delhi Road, GURGAON


    opening of Tender


    p:r rrtk111 'HF< ~~ ~ * ~ ~~ "FIT ~ ~rrr ~T

  • I.





    3 . A) B)


    4 .


    6 .

    7. 8.






    The quotation/tender must be in the form furnished by the Purchaser/as per tender specificatio ns and should b~ free_ from corrections/erasures. In case there is any unavoidable correction it should be properly attested. If not the quotatiOn wtll not

    be considered. Hand written Quotations will not be considered . Where there is no mention of packing, fo rwarding, freight, insurance changes, taxes etc. such offer shall be rejected as

    incomplete. As such clearly mention these charges. . . . . The bidder should give a clear cut break up of ex-works, FOB/ FCA, C IF/CI P pnce to factlttate the proper companson failing which the bid would be summarily ignored/ rejected . CSIR reserves the right to o rder on the basis of any of the

    incoterms. The Exchange selling rates will be taken from www.xe.com. The gross weight o f the consignment may be intimated in the Quotation/Tender/Proforma Invoice to dec ide the mode of

    dispatch. TheE-Tenders will be accepted through online only. The tender received in any other mode or physical tender will not be accepted a nd will be ignored. This is not applicable forE- Publish Tender Notice It may kindly be noted that your bid should be in single part. (single part I two part bidding) (retain one only) accompany Bid Security(EM D)/SF (Annexure) of Rs .. ..... .. .... . . .... ..... . ........ (retain only if applicable) Bidders that arc current!)' registered with the purchaser or registered as MSEs will continue to remain registered during the tender validit) period also ard arc exempted from payment of EMD. In case the tenderer falls in these categories. the bidder should furnish a certi fied copy of its valid registration details. Except for MSEs. thi s exemption is valid for the trade group and monetary value of registration only. The .\1SEs arc provided tender document free of cost and arc e~empted from the pa) men! of Bid Sec uri!) provided the goods are produced and the services arc rendered by them and not for any trading activities undertaken by them. Whenever the bidder chooses to submit the Bid Security in the form of Bank Guarantee, then he should advise the bankerissuing the Bank Guarantee to immediately send by Registered Post (A.D.) an unstamped duplicntc copy of the Guarnntee directly to the Purchaser" ith a CO\ ering letter to compare'' ith the original BG for the correctness, genuineness, etc on the event of award of Contract in your favour, you need to submit a Performance Bank Guarantee for I 0% of the ordered value valid for a period of 2 Months beyond the Warranty period of . . .. .. ......... (retain only, if applicable) Each quotation/Tender in case of E-Publish Tender sent by post is to be enclosed in double cover addressed to The Director, CS IO, Sector-30, C handigarh-160 030. Quotations delivered personally should be put in the tender box kept in the office o f Stores & Purchase Officer. T he late /delayed & unsigned quote will not be considered at all . The acceptance of the quotation will rest with the com petent authority of Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Sector-30, C handigarh who does not bind himself to accept the lowest quotation and reserves the right to himself to reject, or parti al ly accept any or al l the quotations received without assigning any reason. Price & Validity: Price quoted should be net (separately mention required charges as Sr.No. l(a,b) above) and valid for a minimum period of 90 days from the date of opening of the quotation. fa iling which the offer will be ignored/ rejected. The bidder must submit the applicable Price Schedule Form as Annexed to the tender document available on the website. Complete specification with manufacturer's name and address should be given while quoting. Literature/Pamphlets should

    also be enclosed wherever applicable. Prices are required to be quoted in units indicated in the enquiry. When quotations are given in terms of other units, relationship between two sets of units should be furnished. Quantity di scounts, if any should also be indicated. T he items should be quoted indicating the seri al o . of our RFQ. In cases of agents quoting on behalf of their foreign manufacturers, one agent cannot represent two manufacturers or quote on their behalf in a particular tender enquiry. One manufacturer can also authorize only one agent/dealer. There can be only one bid from the following: I. The foreign manufacturer directly or through one Indian agent o n his behalf; or 2. Indian/foreign agent on behalf of o nly o ne principal. Please indicate the name and address of the agents in India if any, the details of service to be rendered by them & the

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