© markéta Čeřovská food and drinks. what do you like eating and drinking? what is your...

Download © Markéta Čeřovská Food and drinks. What do you like eating and drinking? What is your favourite food?  My favourite food is… What are your favourite

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  • Markta eovskFood and drinks

    Markta eovsk

  • What do you like eating and drinking? What is your favourite food? My favourite food is What are your favourite drinks?My favourite drinks areWhat food and drinks do you dislike?I dislike / I really don't like What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? For breakfast, I usually eat I have lunch (at home / in the school canteen / )I usually have a snack We usually have dinner at oclock. It includes

  • Food and healthWhat is healthy food?What is junk food?What do you think about a vegetarian diet?What do you think about people who never eat breakfast?Is it important for you what you eat and how much? I don't really care what I eat because I try to eat because I want to be healthy

  • Can food or drinks help you to be healthier?I think you should eat (less / more)In my opinion you shouldn't eat (too much)It can be dangerous if you don't eat enoughYou should drink at leastI agree that I shouldOn the other hand I must say thatI don't care what I eat because According to surveys people should

  • Eating outDo you like eating out in restaurants? We usually go to a restaurant whenI enjoy eating in a restaurant because (the food tastes better / it's a special time)I prefer eating at home because (it's cheaper / there's no smoking / there's less noise)

    Where else can we go to eat out? There's a pizzeria / sushi bar / pub

    Imagine you're going on a picnic. What food and drinks would you take? I'd take / Also we can haveSource: www.office.microsoft.com, E. and A. Peck: Let's Talk, Fraus, 1999



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