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Favourite food


  • 1. My Granddads favourite food/drink !

2. Meet my granddad and my brother

  • This picture was taken when I was 3 or 4. my brother was 9 and we were at a restaurant having a meal. Some balloons were joining usas well.

3. My Granddads favourite food !

  • When my granddad was little he loved to eat chips. I dont really like chips but I can say they do taste a bit nice . I only like skinny chips not fat ones.

I dont like them He likes them 4. My favourite food !

  • My favourite foods are onion rings, Turkish delight and Jaffa cakes .

Onion rings are flavoured crisps and Jaffa cakes are chocolate biscuits with orange jelly in them. 5. My granddads favourite drink !

  • My granddads favourite drink was a tasty Tango.( a fizzy orange drink) I have no idea if I like tango or not as I have never had it. Do you like tango ?

6. My favourite drink !

  • My favourite drink is water and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows andcream.

7. Good bye

  • By Holly Warwick !



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