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A "tomato" is a slot of 25 minutes where you focus continuously on a single task. The "pomodoro technique" is a tracking and feedback process that fills the gap between the high-level tracking of user stories and the hour-by-hour development cycle.


<ul><li> 1. you say tomato, I say...Pomodoro </li></ul> <p> 2. In XP user stories, planning game, iteration starts 3. Or Maybe Scrum user stories, product backlog, sprint backlog,sprint starts 4. then what? 5. Tasks few hours, half a day, a few days 6. Becoming Anxiety time ow is frustrating if not measurableeven a few hours are difcult to feel 7. Time Boxes how long a time box should be? 8. Why 25 Minutes? short enough to avoid frustration of becomingenough to always feel energizedlongenough for a consistent unit of work 9. Why 5 minutes?short enough to remember whats the goallongenough to enable sustainable pace 10. Exercisecommon registration process: collect information from a formvalidation and error handling vend email with linkprocess registration conrmation login welcome page 11. Rules 25 + 5 and 4 + 1The Pomodoro Is Indivisible If a Pomodoro Begins, It Has to Ring Zero Pomodoro Rule If More Than 5-7 Pomodoros, Break It Down If Less Than One Pomodoro, Add It Up The Next Pomodoro Will Go Better 12. Short Break distraction forces re-prioritization of thoughts for the next pomodoro 13. Longer Break helps maintaining a sustainable pace 14. Protect the Pomodoro inform, negotiate, rescheduleGTD anyone? 15. Benets feeling of accomplishment actively ghts the bad days prevents yak shaving learn about yourself 16. Pomodoro Evolutiondescription and timestamp pomodoro metrics tagging pomodoro switchstandup preparationuser story elapsed time VS time spentiteration retrospective timetable 17. Tools timers, soft or hard paper or paperless spreadsheet omnioutliner and the aliketwitter db keeptempoeasytracking 18. Tracking Exercise start the timera pomodoro was spentstore pomodoro break restart 19. Team Pomodoroyesterdays pomodorospair rotations your break is not necessarily everyones the coach protects all pomodoros 20. Resourcesthe original paper cirillo/2007/ThePomodoroTechnique_v1-3.pdf PT in XP Teams easytracking </p>