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52010-2011 1. 2010-2011 2. 2011326 The First State Community Chinese School Yearbook Design Contest Announcement We are very excited to announce that the First State Community Chinese School (Chun Hui) will publish its FIRST Yearbook for the 2010-2011 academic year in May 2011. The Yearbook will contain pictures of all students, teachers and staff members, school activities, and candids from each class. It will be a GREAT memory of the year at our Chinese school! Dear students, the school needs your creativity! Now we are seeking entries for the Yearbook Design Contest. What do we need? 1. 2010-2011 Yearbook Cover design 2. School Logo design Students may choose to design in both categories or either one. What are the requirements? Theme: Students may choose any theme related to Chinese culture, language and Chinese school life for the designs. Format: Submission of either hand drawing hardcopy or digital file is accepted. Please indicate name and grade on the front page of your artwork. Who can participate? All students, either individual or in group of no more than three students, can participate in the contest. What to do with the submissions? Winners will be judged based on creativity and originality with the capability to best represent our school and Chinese heritage by the Yearbook Committee which consists of school staff, teachers and parent representatives. Decisions of the judges are final. Only ONE design submission for EACH category will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner. The winning Yearbook Cover design will be used on the first issue of the yearbook. The winning School Logo design will be officially adopted by the school and widely used in future school communications. We will also choose TWO entries as the Second Prize winners and THREE entries as the Third Prize winners for each category. All winning designs will be published in the first issue of the yearbook. When is it due? Please submit your design to the Principals office by March 26, 2011. Want in on the action? Grab your pencil and brush (or computer mouse)! Show us your talent in art and design! Go for it! And good luck!