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Year end letter


  • April 2012

    Dear Member,

    As we open the 2012 season, we take a moment to recap 2011 and preview 2012.

    GlenArbor Golf and Instruction Programs

    This past fall, the Metropolitan Golf Association Course Rating Team visited GlenArbor to

    review our current slope and rating. The improvements and changes we have made to the course

    over the years have resulted in a change in our slope and rating for the Mens tees: Black Tees, from 74 to 74.2 and from 139 to 145; Blue Tees from 71.9 to 72.4 and from 138 to 139; White

    Tees, from 69.7 to 70.2 and from 132 to 135. In addition, after careful research of submitted

    scores and tournament data, we have made appropriate adjustments to the Mens hole handicaps (stroke allocation). To avoid surprises, you should review the new stroke allocation prior to play.

    A team from the Womens Metropolitan Golf Association is scheduled to review slope and ratings in 2014. At that time, we will also revisit the stroke allocations for those tees.

    We are excited to offer the addition of a new combination course (known as the Player Tees) at GlenArbor. As you know, there have been 4 sets of tees: black, blue, white & green. We are

    now offering an additional option, the Player course that consists of certain holes played from

    white tees, and certain holes played from blue tees. This new course will have an official USGA

    slope and rating and will require you to post your scores accordingly.

    In 2012, GlenArbor Academy Experiences will continue to grow, combining individualized

    custom schools, on-course instruction, video analysis, and short game expertise. GlenArbor

    Academy video tips have become a popular teaching tool, and are regularly shared with members and students in their online video locker, as well as the GlenArbor website.

    A golf simulator, featuring the GlenArbor course, will be added in the Arbor Room on the

    second floor. The simulator will allow golfers to play from a virtual library of top global golf

    courses including GlenArbor. This state-of-the-art technology will also provide our staff with

    another teaching tool, as it comes with a V1 video instruction capability. We envision the

    simulator to be available for all members and their guests for recreational play or instruction. The

    Arbor Room will continue to have the flexibility to be a board/meeting room, as well as a

    media/simulator setting.

    Our Annual Golf Expo is Saturday and Sunday, April 28th

    & 29th

    allowing you to take advantage

    of the warmer weather and also the ability to play the course. This is an excellent day to host

    guests and prospective members (see membership below).

  • Annually, the use of rangefinders and distance measurement devices is evaluated and this year we have made an adjustment to our policy. Our Tournament Rules and Regulation booklet now

    reads, GlenArbor allows for the use of distance measurement devices during normal play and practice. At no point will cellular phones or -apps- be permitted. The use and style/type of

    measurement devices for tournament play will be determined solely at the discretion of the Golf

    Staff prior to events in question. (page 23)

    Please welcome Ellen Giardino, who is joining us as our new Golf Shop Manager. Ellen brings

    17 years of golf merchandise experience and comes to us via St. Andrews Golf Club.

    Membership Prospective Member Day scheduled for Sunday, May 6th

    We are re-implementing the Prospective Member Days. Prospective Member Day was an

    excellent GlenArbor Experience in earlier years when we opened the club. On Sunday, May 6th


    please invite your prospective member to play a round of golf at any time on this day, have lunch

    or cocktails, and know that there will be no guest or green fees. The club has openings for new

    members and in 2012, I would like our membership to take on personal leadership by

    introducing and recruiting new candidates. We seek outstanding members and of course, the

    best source is referrals from our exceptional membership. You are encouraged to actively

    participate in new membership recruitment. Please forward candidates directly to the attention

    of Morgan Gregory.

    Golf Course and Grounds

    We received many compliments on the golf course quality in 2011 and look forward to

    continuing that in the coming year. For 2012, we have made some exciting golf course


    - New sod nursery behind the last green in the Legends area of the Short Game facility (closest to 9

    th green)

    - Installation of stone landing/path at driving range stairs - Installation of stone pads for water coolers at 5 tee and 15 tee - Renovation of bunkers and irrigation systems - Renovation of the Player Bunker at the Short Game Facility (May) - Installation of drip irrigation at 15th green, 6th fairway bunker, 10th green, and 18th


    Clubhouse and Kitchen

    The Thursday Terrace Grill will be introduced as a new added culinary experience on Thursday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Please enjoy grilled dishes cooked to

    order and summer cocktails served on the patio.

    This past winter, Chef Carey had the opportunity to tour the Provence and Languedoc regions,

    focusing on the regional ingredients and cooking methods presented by local chefs. He

  • experienced the rare opportunity to work hands on with these artisans at the very source of the

    French cuisine. We look forward to new menu items inspired by his trip.

    With the growing interest in cooking classes, GlenArbor significantly expanded its Cooking

    Clinic Program in 2011, offering Al Fresco Morning Classes, Childrens Classes, and a very special Iron Chef Cooking Competition. In 2012, Chef Carey will add additional classes to the Program.

    The Beverage Team continues the popular Infusion and Wine Programs. Starting with an

    experimental infusion three years ago; the GlenArbor Bar now features 25 different types of

    infusions including vodkas, gins, rums, whiskeys, bourbons and cordials. Our wine program now

    features 120 selections of mostly small production and library collections, as well as a selection

    of 20 wines served by the glass.

    Additionally, we will continue to add to our family/children theme from the Fall Festival in

    2011, by adding an additional family/children event on Memorial Day (details to follow).

    Please welcome two new clubhouse professionals to the Concierge; Lisa Pryzgoda, assisted by

    Aaron Saul.

    Environmental Leadership, Education and Giving Back

    We are happy to announce that GlenArbor has just received the 2012 Bedford Conservation

    Environmental Award in recognition of our unique Bluebird Nesting Programs and our

    contributions to the Town of Bedford.

    Education has always been a cornerstone of our Environmental Programs. As stewards of the

    land, we continue to expand our commitment to education and outreach by teaching youth the

    sciences of bluebird habitat, aquatic life, photosynthesis, and the benefits of trees, grass,

    wildflowers, insects and animals. During the 2011 season we fledged 83 baby bluebirds, bringing

    our total up to 892 bluebirds since 2001. In 2011, we hosted over 1000 local elementary school

    students, and Boy and Girl Scouts in school classrooms and at GlenArbor. As in years past, we

    offer our members families the opportunity to participate in our Environmental Education Tours. Please join us on June 27

    th at 4:00 pm.

    With beehives on the course and an observation hive for classroom use, we are able to provide

    students with first hand experience learning about the importance of honeybees. Deemed

    Experts In The Community, we found ourselves back in the classroom as early as January this year (2012).

    Our environmental commitment extended to the GlenArbor vegetable and herb garden as well.

    Our popular GlenArbor Garden Program, allowing members to enjoy fresh produce on a weekly

    basis, expanded in 2011 with optional delivery and an extensive At Home Menu. New initiatives in 2012 will include honey harvested from the course, as well as a wider variety of


  • Communications

    2011 marked the release of our newly designed website. The site added new functionality such as

    online reservations for club events and golf tournaments, online statements (including invoice

    detail) and a roster section allowing members to update their personal information instantly. The

    website also allows us to post videos from our library of Golf Instruction, Cooking and Libation


    We now send statements, event flyers and the Teaching Center Newsletter via e-mail with our

    commitment to Going Green. If you would like to receive any of these documents in hard copy, please contact the concierge.

    Thank you for your continued commitment and support of GlenArbor in 2012. We look forward

    to being with you often.


    W. Grant Gregory