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  • Year 2 Curriculum MeetingHow you can help your child

  • NumeracyProgression from Year 1.Using and applying the key facts from Year 1 such as number bondsBecoming confident with place value to use 3 and 4 digit numbers

  • NumeracyShape, space and measureLength, weight, capacity, time, 2D and 3D shapes names and properties.Regular and irregular, angles Vocabulary Operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. larger, smaller, greater, fewerThe difference between, strategy

  • Year 2 NumeracyCalculating2 digit to 2 digit numbers: addition and subtraction strategies (see handout)2,5,10x tables and related division facts (3,4,6)

    Problem solvingProblems using calculating but in real life situations eg time, money, measurement, fractions.2 step problem solving eg buy 2 items then work out change

  • Addition and Subtraction 25+3720+30=505+7=1250+12=62


  • Book bandingA national system for levelling booksColour codedImplications one level may consist of a variety of old ORT levelsThere are more books in each bookband

  • Book BandsPinkRedYellowBlueGreenOrangeTurquoisePurpleGoldWhiteLimeCopper

  • ReadingLook and sayRelies on children learning all words by rote.Makes it harder to decode unfamiliar words.PhonicsChildren learn the 44 phonemes in the English language.Provides a strategy to decode unfamiliar words.

  • PhonicsPhase 2s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, o, r, u, d, g, u, l, o, ck, h, b, f, ff, ll, ssPhase 3j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, oo, ow

    air, ure, er, or, ur, ow, oi, ear

  • Phase 4,5 and 6Phase 4 revisits Phase 3 and looks at words with more complex blends of sounds e.g. spring, scrunch, Phase 5 has split digraphs magic e e.g. like, stripe, cake etc. Also rarer patterns such as aw (claw) ey (money) ch (chef)Phase 6 looks at past tense, endings such as er, est, ment, ness

  • Other reading strategiesPicture cluesRead on for the contextRepetition in the textExplaining vocabularyAdults as role models children need to see adults reading. Let them know we need to check meaning and pronunciation too.

  • Home readingFrom Turquoise bookband onwards take 2 nights to read each bookAnswer questions, or discussion points from the same book, if your child is a reluctant writer can be oral but must be signedEvery couple of weeks complete a book review

  • WritingKey Stage 1 Assessments require children to be familiar with a variety of genres. InstructionsStoriesPoemsExplanationsRecountsNeed to be consistent to achieve that level

  • The writing processCopy writing?Using sounds and tricky word spellingsUsing have a go books and word banksRehearsing ideas using dramaChecking work - does it make sense?Editing work how could I make this better?

  • Spelling

    Look, cover, write, check.Using sounds from the phases such as igh, knowing which pattern to usePrefixes and suffixes such as ful, dis PluralsPast tense regular ed and irregular eg was

  • Speaking and ListeningEssential to developing good literacy skills.Good listening skills looking at the person who is speaking.Expressing ideas speaking audibly and clearly giving detail to the listener. Confidence is the key encourage children to speak at home and enter into discussions.

  • Basic Skills across the curriculumBasic literacy skills are essential if children are to access other curriculum areas. Being able to listen, question and discuss will allow children to develop their understanding of history, geography and maths. These skills will make sure children can transfer to the Junior school successfully

  • Assertive Mentoring Consistent with Victoria Junior SchoolColour grading for pupils so easy to understandAssessed and given targets for Writing and NumeracyAssessed on 5 different areas for AttitudePupils have 1:1 interviewsParents are given a copy at Parent Evening

  • HomeworkReading books as discussedSome children will have words Spellings weeklyMaths weeklyTaking responsibility for getting homework done on time

  • General NoticesYear 2 Resource areaChanging booksWater bottlesVisiting the toiletNamed ClothingParking in Cardinal Road, WOWHealthy SchoolsEnd of KS1 Assessment meetingYear 2 Charity