JCT Curriculum Night How to Help Your Child with Reading at Home

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>JCT Curriculum Night</p> <p>How to Help Your Child with Reading at Home</p> <p>Ways to ReadRead aloud a book, magazine or other text to your child. They learn what good reading sounds like.Let your child be the star and read to you. Guided reading books will start coming home in October!Take turns. You read a page, then your child reads a page. </p> <p>Picture WalkTake a picture walk. Before you start reading a new book, look at each picture and have your child talk about what they see happening in the pictures. It gets them ready to read the words!</p> <p>How to HelpWhen our kids get stuck, we want to jump in and help them. Here are some strategies that you can use to help your child be a problem solver as they read. </p> <p>Help your child become a problem solver and a good reader. </p> <p>Waitsometimes your child just needs a little bit of think time.</p> <p>Try that again</p> <p>Break the word into parts</p> <p>Read the sentence again and start the tricky word</p> <p>Look at the picture</p> <p>Does it look right?Does it sound right?Does it make sense?</p> <p>Ask QuestionsBefore reading, make predictions about the text.</p> <p>During reading, stop and talk about what has happened so far.</p> <p>After reading, talk about favorite parts and purpose of the text.</p> <p>Final ThoughtsMake reading fun. Find fun spots to read. Read in silly voices. Visit the library or book store. Check out Scholastic book orders. Talk about the books and characters. Write a letter to the author of favorite books.</p> <p>Make it fun together!</p> <p>What questions do you have?</p>