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Year 11 Timeframe and How to Help Your Child. What is the timeframe for year 11? How can you help your child? How can you get help in helping your child? How can you help the school help your child?. Year 11 Timeframe from after half term. Three weeks until the mocks (start 2 nd December) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Year 11 Timeframe and How to Help Your ChildWhat is the timeframe for year 11?How can you help your child?How can you get help in helping your child?How can you help the school help your child?

Year 11 Timeframe from after half termThree weeks until the mocks (start 2nd December)12 school weeks in the spring term (9 school weeks until Mocks 2)4 school weeks in the summer term before exams start (12th May)16 weeks of teaching = 56 English lessons, 56 Maths lessons, 80 Science lessons, 40 option subject lessons

What should your child be doing in this timeframe?The three Rs: Revision, Revision, RevisionEnsure that a revision timetable is in place and it is realistic and stuck to (ensure some relaxation)It is best to revise somewhere quiet and without distraction

How can you help your child?Challenge them to do better & revise in the right wayEnsure they dont do too much and get stressedAsk them what they are doing that morningEnsure they eat well (especially breakfast) and get a good amount of sleepHow to ReviseRevision must be Active (taking notes, answering questions drawing mind maps) not Passive (sitting reading a text book)Attend extra classes Last year every single student who attended Maths revision classes regularly got a grade C or better!Why is Active Revision Important?Experiments have shown that in order to commit something to long term memory it needs to be repeated 5 times.Using multiple parts of the brain helps make connections in the brain which helps memoryIf your child says they dont learn well in this way and that reading a text book is best for them dont believe them!What should be done in a revision session?Half an hour slotsFirst 5 minutes: revise what was done in the last slot for that subjectNext 20 minutes: revise a part of the course using active methodsLast 5 minutes: Have a short breakRepeat this again, have a 15 minute break after it helps the brain!

How can you get help?School is here to help you if you are worried then contact your Tutor or Head of House or meOther relatives / friends may be able to help you persuade, cajole and encourageHow can you help the school help your child?Remember that staff are under huge pressure to do their best for their studentsRemember that teachers and parents are working together as a team to get the best possible results for your child If you are really worried then contact the relevant teacher or your childs tutor or Head of House etc.Help your child deal with pressureAnd FinallyWorking together we can all ensure your child gets the very best grades that they canRead the book that we have given out there are lots of useful hints and tipsGood Luck!


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