yangon, shri kali hindu temple

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  2. 2. Shri Kali Temple is a Hindu temple located in the undefined Little India in downtown Yangon. It was built by Tamil migrants whilst Burma Province was part of British India.
  3. 3. The temple is noted for its colorful architecture, especially its roof, which contains images and stone carvings of many Hindu gods. The temple is maintained by the local Indian community
  4. 4. Because the Burmese government persecutes religious minorities, many Hindu festivals are held privately within the temple compounds
  5. 5. Text: Internet Pictures: Internet & Sanda Foioreanu Copyright: All the images belong to their authorsPresentation: Sanda Foioreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasandaSoundShivkumar Sharma & Zakir Hussain - Dadra