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<ul><li> 1. Name:Form Mrs Pennock GC S E Half Ter m Ex a m1- M A R KSCHE M E1. (i) Which of the following components of skill related fitness is important to a sprinter to get a goodstart from the blocks? A Strength B Coordination C Body compositionD Reaction time (1)(ii) Which of the following is a correct statement about reaction time?A The time taken to perform a movementB The longer a runner takes to react to the starters gun the quicker his time will beC The time between the presentation of a stimulus and the start of movementD It is a component of health related exercise (1)Flexibility is an important aspect of fitness. Which of the following statements defines the termflexibility?A A form of physical activity designed to improve healthB The range of movement possible at a jointC The ability to move from one position to another easilyD A performer who can take on many different roles (1)2. Complete the statements below about the benefits gained from participating in practical activity.(i) Many people take part in physical activity to Relieve/reduce/lose/lower/get rid of/release/stop/reliefstress. This is a . Mental/psychological benefit of physical activity (2)</li></ul> <p> 2. Name:Form Mrs Pennock(ii) Weight loss as a result of physical activity is a physical benefit of exercise. Weight loss could alsohave a mental benefit to the individual, for example,It can increase confidence/feel better about themselves (1)(iii) Weight loss as a result of physical activity is achieved by1st mark for reference to more/working harder than you normally do2nd mark for reference to using more calories than taken in . (2)(iv) Some people take part in physical activity for the ...social. benefits, for example, it allows them tomeet new people and make new friends (1)(v) People who take part in physical activity, especially activities such as gymnastics and dance, cangain anAesthetic .... appreciation of the activity due to the quality of the movements being performed. (1)3. (a) What term is being described in the statement below?The ability to meet the demands of the environment..........................Fitness .... (1)4. Flexibility is an important component of health-related exercise. Give an example of how flexibilitywould help a gymnast and a long distance runner (2)Gymnast Achieve body position/shape required/swing around rings (or equivalent).Long Distance Runner ---- Greater stride length/good technique/reduction in chance of injury --- 3. Name:FormMrs Pennock5. Look at the images and complete the table below by stating how each of the performers will usespe e din their performance. (3)Athlete SprinterGames player Athlete Discus Ho w spe e d is u s e d in t h e i r p e r f o r m a n c e ?Athl e t e To get to finish line quicker / run faster/win raceSprinter Gam ePl a y e rTo beat opponents to the ball/ to lose opponents / to get around opponentsAthl e t e To throw further / to increase power / to move faster across the circle / move arm Di s c u sfaster6. Provide a definition for body composition? (1)The % of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone7. Coordination is also important to the three performers above. (i) Define Coordination ability to use 2 or more body parts together (ii)Giving an example of the parts of the body being coordinated (iii) Explaining how your example of coordination is important to the performers (5) Giv e an e x a m p l eof th e p a r t sExpl ai nho w you r 4. Name:FormMrs Pennockof th e b o d y b e i n g ex a m p l e of coor din a t e d c o o r d i n a t i o n is im p o r t a n t t operf o r m a n c eAthl e t e SprinterArm s a n d le g sGo o d te c h n i q u e to in c r e a s e s p e e d /pow e r Gam e Pl a y e r Fo o t an d ey e s Lo o k i n g (vi s i o n )w h e r e t o ki c k a n d ki c k i n g8. There are a number of different factors which influence a persons choice of activity and continuedinvolvement. Explain how people can help to encourage participation in physical activity and give anexample. (2)Friend / family / role model e.g. if friends go can copy them, want to be like role model9. Select a di f f e r e n t component of Skill Related Fitness to complete each of the followingstatements:(i) A high jumper needs ...power... at take off to achieve the height to clear the bar. (1)(ii) Racket players need ........coordination.... to move the hand holding the racket to the right place tostrike the ball correctly. (1)(iii) Footballers need .speed .. to beat their opponents to the ball. (1)(iv) A gymnast needs .....balance..... to maintain her position on a beam. (1)( ___________ 28 marks)</p>