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Xexun gps vehicle tracker xt008 from Shenzhen Xexun Technology Co.,Ltd,what about its Applications,Product Features and Product Spec.


  • 1. GPS VEHICLE TRACKER USER MANUAL-XT008UPrefaceThank you for purchasing GPS Vehicle Tracker. This manual shows how to operate the device smoothly and correctly. Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product. Please note that specification and information are subject to changes without prior notice in this manual. Any change will be integrated in the latest release. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this document. 1

2. Content 1Summary----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2Application33---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3Hardware description 3.1Wires connection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------3.2 3.3Interior ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Relays connection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 5 54Specifications----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5Battery and SIM card installation ------------------------------------------------------------------66Startup------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------77Usage--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --78Fortifying mode --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------8.1 Engine started alert68---------------------------------------------- --------- --------88.2 Movement alert --------------------------------------------------------- --------- --------88.3 Power cutoff alert --------------------------------------------------------- --------- --------88.4 ENGINE-OFF Remotely function ---------------------------------------------- --------- --------88.5 Increase relays function --------------------------------------------------- --------- -------8.6 More function with using the relays 8.7 Checking the working status 9 Tracking mode8----------------------------------------- --------- ------- 9---------------------------------- --------- --------9-------------------------- --------- -------- -------9.1Initialization ---------------------------------- --------- -------9.2Change the Password9.3Authorization9.4Auto Track9.5Geo-fence99.6. Tlimit Function 9.7Movement alert9.8Overspeed alert9.9---------------------------------- --------- ---------------------------------------- --------- ------9 10 10---------------------------------- --------- ------11 ---------------------------------- --------- ---------------------------------------- --------- ---------------------------------------- --------- --------IMEI checking---------------------------------- --------- ------------------------------------- --------- --------9.10 Time zone setting -----------------------------------------------------------------12 12 13 14 15 159.11 SOS--------------------------------- --------- --------9.12 SMS LINK 8.13 SMS ONE--------------------------------- --------- --------------------------------------16 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------16 215 3. 9.14 Low battery alert 9.15 SMS center--------------------------- --------- ------------------------------------ --------- --------9.16 GSM ID--------------------------- --------- -------9.17 Motion Sensor 9.18 SD Card---------------------------- --------- --------function------------------------------ --------- --------9.19 SIM conversion from A to B------------------------------ --------- --------10Monitoring and Talking Mode------------------------------ --------- --------11GPRS setting-------------------------------------------------------------------12MMS picture function13RFID14Cautions15Faults & Solutions16Cable connection diagramfunction------------------------------------------16 16 16 17 17 17 17 18 19---------------------------------------------------------------------19---------------------------------------------------------------------19---------------------------------------------------------------------19---------------------------------------------------------------191 Summary Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS,and guard against theft of Vehicle.2 Applications Rental vehicle / Fleet management etcCovert Tracking3 Hardware Description 3.1 Wires Connection3 4. SIM B Card slotConnect GSM antennaFor upgrade the firmwareConnect GPS antennaDC +9-36V Working status indicatorEF G H1 3 GPS indicator2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20AB C D5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19GND1 SP Connects the round speaker (connection is ready ,only need connect the speaker) 2.SP + Connects the round speaker (connection is ready ,only need connect the speaker) 3. MIC + microphone +(connection is ready) 4. MIC + microphone -(connection is ready) 5. GND SOS GND (connection is ready) 6. SOS SOS +(connection is ready) 7. Oil test (analog input port )connects the black wire for the fuel sensor. Note: Please use our fuel sensor only. 8. ACC (digital input port) connect the ACC (ignition) 9. V + connects relay, connction is ready,conencts the relay,it works. 10. Output (digital output) Connects the extra relays 11. Temperature test (analog input port) connects the middle connector of the round temperature sensor. 12. Cut oil (digital output) connects the relay, connction is reay,conencts it,it works. 13. Out A (digital output) for the extra relay. 4 5. 14. Out B (digital output) Connection of RFID voice control 15. IO6 in (digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the car. 16. IO5 in(digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the car. 17. IO4 in (digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the car. 18. IO3 in (digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the car 19. IO2 in (digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the ca 20. IO1 in (digital input port) connects the detective circuit of the switches for the doors and tail in the ca Note: Two UART with the connectors of A.B C D; E F G H for 2 purposes. A. Connect the extra camera B. For input/output the data Connects any conenctors ABCD or EFGH optionally, function actived. UART1 (A.GND B.RX C. TX D.+5V) UART 2 (E.GND F.RX G.TX H.+5V)3.2 InteriorPut SIM card here A(back of Mainboard)Put SD card here3.3Relays connection Conencts the tracker5 6. RelaysConnect oil routesConnect oil routes4 Specs Content Dimension. Weight Network Band GPS chip GPS sensitivity GPS accuracySpecs. 8.2x8.2x2.8cm 195g GSM/GPRS GSM850/ 900/1800/1900Mhz SIRF3 chip -159dBm 5m Reacquisition 0.1s Cold status 45s Warm status 35s Hot status 1sTime To First FixPower936VinputBattery Standby Storage Temp. Operation Temp.Chargeable changeable 3.7V 1100mAh Li-ion battery 50hous -40C to +85C -20C to +55CHumidity5%--95% non-condensing5 Battery and SIM card installation Make sure that there is no call transfer and call display is on, and PIN code off. The SMS message must in Text format, cant be identified for PDU format.Steps: 1.Open the rear cover, insert a SIM card to the simcard slot A. (If using one simcard,do not insert it into simcard slot A since the default simcard is simcard B) 2.Insert the SD card 3.Use a stick to pick up the simcard slot B,insert the simcard. 6SIM card AUse a stick to pick up the 7. Install SD cardInsert the simard slot with the sim cardPut the SIM card into the slot with the right direction.6 Startup Put the SIM card and SD card in right places.(Put the B card slot in place,the indicator light will blink quickly after 10 seconds, remove card slot B, tracker stops working)Connect the power supply of the car (The red indicator inside the tracker is on when conencting the 9-36 V power supply)It takes 40-60 seconds to get the GPS and GSM signals and begins to work.The red indicator blinks every 1 second,the blue GPS indicator blinks every 3 seconds.Everything is ready when the blue GPS indicator blinks normally, then you can do the following Settings.7 Use This product has four operating modesFortified, tracking, and the talking and listening, and four models to switch to each other When after startup, default 7 8. state for tracking mode, you can send SMS fortify + password transferred to fortify modeSend monitor + password transferred to monitor mode, send talk + password turned to call mode, send tracker + password turned back to tracking model type7 Usage The tracker has three working modes: Fortifying mode, Tracking mode and Monitoring mode. Working modes can be changed reciprocally. The default mode is Fortifying mode,sends command tracker+password,gets tracking mode,sends minitor+passwords,get monitoring mode,sends fortify+password,goes back fortifying mode8 Fortifying Mode Under the fortifying mode, call the tacker to arm or disarm the fortify function.When the forify mdoe is armed,the indicator blinks every 4 seconds and if blinks every 1 second,means the fortify is disarmed.(There is no cooridnates goes back for call when tracker works in fortifying mode) When the fortify is armed,the alerts will be as below:8.1 Engine Started illegally Alert In fortifying mode, the tracker will start the ACC examine automatically. It will warn up the user when the engine is started. Alert SMS format: lat: 22.567908N long: 114.051395E speed: 0.00 05/01/11 04:47 F:3.87V,0, Signal:F fortify imei:354776036842240 05 130.8 460 01 9523 29062, Oil=100%,T=40,RFID=33333338.2 Movement Alert This function is using for the owner to get an alert when the tracker moves out of a restricted district (500m radius), Response SMS format: lat: lat: 22.567908N long


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