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This slideshow is a VERY basic overview of the Holocaust using material extracted from my class' 8th grade U.S. History book.


<ul><li> 1. The Holocaust </li></ul> <p> 2. Why the Jews? Prejudice against Jews common in Europe Used as a scapegoat for Germanys troubles after WWI 3. Hitler Rises to Power Put members of Nazi party into key govt positions. Created Gestapo (secret police) created Nazi-run schools and Nazi propaganda that printed lies about Jews 4. Nuremberg Laws 1935 Jews must wear yellow Star of David. Jewish businesses must be boycotted. Took away all Jewish rights &amp; their property. Jews not allowed to: be judges, teachers, lawyers, soldiers, or to marry Germans. 5. KristallnachtNight of Broken Glass Within 15 hours: 200 synagogues (temples) destroyed 7,500 Jewish stores looted &amp; destroyed More than 100 Jews killed...many more to come... 30,000 Jews rounded up &amp; sent to concentration camps 6. Ghettos Jews sent to live there. Unsanitary and crowded. Small areas within a city sealed off with high walls and/or barbed wire. 7. Hitlers Final Solution Goal was to exterminate all Jews worldwide Hard labor, torture, starvation. Used mass killings and mass graves to hide the evidence. Used gas chambers, firing squads, and crematoriums. 6 million Jews killed; about 5 million non-Jews as well </p>


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