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  1. 1. Aiello Harris Now Representing Clients Injured By Defective Products In Morris County When manufacturers and retailers display their negligence by making defective products available for public consumers, it can have serious health and injury risks. The attorneys at Aiello Harris are pleased to announce that they will now be representing clients who have been affected by defective products. Those manufacturers can be at fault for product liability, putting the consumers at risk and themselves in jeopardy. If in need of an injury lawyer in New Jersey and Morris County, the team of personal injury attorneys will fight for their clients and make sure their rights are protected. There are various ways manufacturers and distributors of a defective product can be liable for damages. The attorneys at Aiello Harris will represent clients who have fallen victim to dangerous childrens products that could put the livelihood of children in harms way. These include poorly designed cribs and unsafe toys. Theyll also represent clients whose health is put in danger due to defective medical devices like defibrillators, and those who work with dangerous machinery like grinders. For more information on the types of defective products these attorneys represent, visit the website today. As an injury lawyer in NJ, Aiello Harris frequently represents cases where the defective product is based on negligence or strict liability. Strict liability involves focusing on the product itself, rather than the manufacturers. Clients can count on Aiello Harris to show the defected merchandise was the cause of injury or deteriorated health. Whether it is a fault of the manufacturing process, improper labels on the design product or using an unsafe design for a particular product, the law firm of Aiello Harris will work to make sure their clients receive the representation they deserve. To see if a case has merit, the attorneys at Aiello Harris offer a free initial consultation for potential clients. For more information or to speak with a wrongful death attorney in Union County NJ today, please call 908-444-6944 or visit their website today. About Aiello Harris: As a firm, Aiello Harris offers lawyers who have studied in a broad range of areas of practice from personal injury and employment law to criminal defense and complex federal tax litigation. Aiello Harriss clients also benefit from the respect and credibility they have established with judges and other legal professionals in the courts of Somerset County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Essex County, Morris County, Union County, and North and Central New Jersey. To hear more information about the law firm and the services they offer please also visit http://www.aielloharris.com.


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