Writing LinkedIn Articles To Build a Professional Social Network

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<ol><li> 1. How can you write the best articles on LinkedIn to gain the attention you want to grow your audience? </li><li> 2. Write articles tailored to your audience </li><li> 3. The professionals who use LinkedIn on a daily basis are not looking for a sales pitch or how great you are in doing whatever you do. They simply want to know how you can help them. </li><li> 4. LinkedIn articles should tap into your professional expertise </li><li> 5. The general rule of thumb in blogging is to write about what you know, but people sometimes forget that "what you know" may not fit in to the professional atmosphere at LinkedIn. You should always offer business concepts or describe ways of addressing specific problems in your field of expertise. </li><li> 6. Articles must be short and to the point </li><li> 7. Remember, you are speaking to professionals and professionals are always busy. If people were conducting research or wanted to read long- winded essays, LinkedIn would probably not be their first source of reference. </li><li> 8. LinkedIn articles must be original </li><li> 9. If you are simply posting articles on LinkedIn that you have posted on your blog or website, it's time to stop doing that. Even though LinkedIn seems to have no established rules concerning duplicate content, Google does. </li><li> 10. Always cross-promote your LinkedIn articles </li><li> 11. According to an article on Search Engine Watch, LinkedIn sends four times more people to your home page than Twitter and Facebook. This doesn't mean that your content will be shared more in social networks, but it does mean that your LinkedIn articles can drive more traffic to your blog or website. </li><li> 12. Gain authority by interacting with your audience </li><li> 13. The more you engage in any social platform, the quicker you will build a reputation and establish your credibility and expertise. You should revisit your articles on a regular basis and acknowledge those who have taken the time to read your article and always respond to their comments. </li><li> 14. If you have tips and ideas about writing effective LinkedIn articles, please share them. If you need help with your business blog or website, you can find me at BWC Marketing. </li><li> 15. This course will give you a completely new perspective on what it takes to write high-quality original blog content. If you've been waiting to start a blog, but think you have to have some type of writing degree, it's time to get moving! There is really no degree required. CHECK OUT THE COURSE! </li></ol>